Scam Alert: Manasseh Jordan Posing as “Saint Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry”

Call now for expensive prayer from Manasseh Jordan

It seems like there is a never-ending stream of new and old swindling tricks being played to cheat people out of their money. In many cases, these are Christians who earnestly believe they are giving to a good cause. In other cases, they are just being swindled. A new swindling is now upon us and … Read more

Are Faith Seed Offerings Biblical?

Mike Murdock Faith Seed

No doubt, most viewers of religious programming have seen a mega pastor or televangelist encourage a viewer or church member to donate a specific sum of money. The general idea is that the person should step out in faith and “plant” a faith seed….typically to that particular church or pastor. For reference here are a … Read more

15 Christian Leaders That Make More Money Getting Out Of Bed Than You’ll Make All Year

If your pastor drives this leave the church

This list will have some well known scoundrels and some not-so well known scoundrels. Before I get into the nitty gritty of things I want to post a link to the 2007 senate investigation into several of these pastors. The documents and full findings can be seen and downloaded HERE. Some of the profiles below … Read more

Mercy Ministries: So Horrific They Have A Survivor Network

Mercy Ministry Cover

I am writing today concerning what seems to be a growing body of evidence showing that Mercy Ministry might actually be hurting more people than it helps. Before we get to far lets cover the basics. What is Mercy Ministries (Now Mercy Multiplied)? I want to specifically cover the residential part of this ministry. This … Read more

The Worst Televangelist Product Scams Of All Time

Mike Murdock

It’s 3:00AM and you can’t sleep. You scan through all the info-mercial channels and skin-a-max, only to be lured in by a powerful speaker telling you that for just a small seed payment of $32.99 you can be rich. Why? Because the Bible says that God want’s to make everyone rich! You just have to send a check in within the 25 minutes and BAM! You are rich beyond measure!

We all know the scenario. Stations like TBN are always airing different info-mercials for various products that will change your entire life and provide you with a fat wallet and no need for health insurance. Here is the top 5 count down of my favorites.

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