When God Answers Prayer – My Testimony: by Abbey

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I served as a missionary in Papua New Guinea from 2006-2007 as my first assignment with Wycliffe Bible Translators. I was the art teacher at the international school at Ukarumpa. During school breaks I would travel to remote villages to visit with translation and literacy teams in their village allocations. I was invited to visit … Read more

My Testimony [From Anonymous Submission]

Car wrecked

That morning, something kept whispering ‘you are going to die. You are going to die’ into my ear. No, it wasn’t my imagination—it was some sort of—I don’t even know. Surprisingly, rather than shooing the sinister voice into slinking away, I listened in surprised. Will I die today? I have not yet fulfilled my purpose. I am … Read more

Why I Believe: God Sent Me A Flood

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This is the second installment in the “Why I Believe” series. As mentioned in the first one, this series welcomes readers input. I would love to punish my audience’s stories to inspire others. Before I share this story I would like to state that people should not expect the events in this story to happen … Read more

Why I Believe: My Seminary Trials

Keep the faith

I like to poke fun most of the time but sometimes a bit of seriousness is needed. This is that time. This new series is dedicated to stories (yours and mine) about how God showed up big in our lives. These are the defining moments in our journey that we should be sharing with the … Read more