Scam Alert: Manasseh Jordan Posing as “Saint Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry”

It seems like there is a never-ending stream of new and old swindling tricks being played to cheat people out of their money. In many cases, these are Christians who earnestly believe they are giving to a good cause. In other cases, they are just being swindled. A new swindling is now upon us and it’s a robot-call from “Saint Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry”, and they are literally asking for you to pay them to to pray for you.

I received my first robo-call today (1-5-2018) from this scam call.

The robo-call starts out like this:

“Hello. This is St. Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry calling today to see if you need urgent prayer. If you would like to have someone from our center pray for you, please press 1. If you would no longer like to hear from us, please press 3.”

It is hard to know how long this scam has been going on, but the Texsas Standard has already reported a good deal about the outfit. The information was provided by Michael Marks, who did the digging into this call scam. Here is some of his testimony about dealing with this group.

Then, I got another call.

The struggle is over! The struggle is over in your finances, in your household, even in your body, even in your relationship. The struggle – every setback, is about to turn into a setup!

After about seven minutes of this, the recording got down to business.

I want you now to step out with that seed, representing it shall come to pass. That $47 seed, that $147, that $30 seed adding the 47 cents…. Please hold as I connect you to my blessed, prayerful operator now.

A call center operator who said she was from the Philippines asked how much I’d like to donate. I gave $1.47. My idea was to see the organization’s name show up on my bank statement to get more information, but that plan failed. It showed up as a PayPal transaction.

But I didn’t have to look to hard to find out who made the call. It came from Manasseh Jordan Ministries, an organization based in New York and run by a man who calls himself Prophet Manasseh Jordan. He has tons of videos on YouTube – a young guy, sharp dresser – of his preachings and healings.

I reached out to Manasseh Jordan Ministries for comment on this story. They didn’t return any of my calls or emails. But I’m not the only person getting these calls. Not by a long shot. Dozens of people have sued the group over the calls. Each case has either settled out of court and sealed or is still pending.

Sam Meyler, a consumer advocacy lawyer with an office in Austin, represents about 75 clients who are suing Manasseh Jordan Ministries. Most of his clients are from Texas.

(Source: Texas Standard)

To hear more about the story from Texas Standard investigation by listening to the soundcloud clip below.

As it turns out, Manasseh Jordan is not a closet hoaxster. He runs an elaborate network of advertising tentacles out on the internet. There are youtube videos, shops to buy his merch, and toll free numbers to call and get “free prophecies.” He also has a generic opencart shopping portal where he is selling a non-existent book for $1.01, a miniature ark for $100, and a few teachings for various amounts. The website is also full of broken links, missing content, and poorly cobbled together code.

View what now?
View what now?


Manasseh Jordan Invisible Book

Now, if you are envisioning a young man preaching God’s word and doing the best he can to reach the lost then you are picturing the wrong person. Manasseh is a young many that enjoys the finer things in life. If you get a call from this scammer just ask yourself if this guy needs to take any more money that could be going to a real ministry.

The Prophet Manasseh Jordan

Who is Manasseh Jordan?

Before we dig into this character, his real name is actually Yakim Manasseh Jordan, legally. In 2017 the FCC issued a citation in relation to his robo-calls. In the documents he is listed as only Yakim Jordan:

Yakim Jordan – a/k/a Manasseh Jordan, Prophet
Manasseh Jordan, Prophet M Jordan, Yakim
Manasseh Robert Jordan, Yakim Manasseh Jordan,
Wakim Jordan

The citation goes on to list the legal issues with Yakim’s business practices.

Specifically, the Manasseh Jordan Parties violated provisions of the
Communications Act of 1934, as amended (Communications Act or Act) and the Commission’s rules
(collectively, Rules) that regulate calls made to wireless phones using automatic telephone dialing
systems (autodialers) or an artificial or prerecorded voice. We therefore direct the Manasseh Jordan
Parties to take immediate steps to comply with Section 227 of the Act, the Telephone Consumer
Protection Act (TCPA), Section 64.1200 of the Rules, and FCC orders, which prohibit making autodialed
or prerecorded message calls to any wireless phone unless the calls are made for emergency purposes, to
collect a debt to the federal government, or with the prior express consent of the called party. If the
Manasseh Jordan Parties fail to comply with these laws, they may be liable for significant penalties.

Yakim Manasseh Jordan is a young man that runs around with guys like Benny Hinn and a slew of other fake healers. If you ever wondered what kind of “healer” Benny Hinn was, you only need to look as far as who he keeps company with. All of these TBN preachers are the same. If they were’t then they would be policing their own community.


He is a typical prosperity preacher and he want YOU to plant a faith seed (your money) in his garden (wallet). Like the other fake preachers and healers, Manasseh has zero education or training but he’s qualified because he was “taught by the Holy Spirit”. Apparently his televangelist friends have not taught him how to obtain a fake degree yet. Nevertheless, according to his website, he was destined for greatness.

Once affectionately referred to as the “Young Prophet” by peers and congregations nationwide, now best known as Prophet Manasseh Jordan began ministering at the tender age of eight and carries with him the quintessence of hope, healing and restoration that is bestowed upon the lives of those he touches.

Over the next several years, he knew then that God had a much BIGGER plan for his life. So he went through extensive and intensive training under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, for the express purpose of understanding the prophetic office and ministry. This training has enabled him to move in the realm of accurate prophetic ministry.

Manasseh Jordan Military Outfit
Manasseh Jordan Military Outfit

If you look at his facebook page you will also notice the typical “prophetic” military/regal clothing that looks like it was custom tailored for him. Taking a page out of the Benny Hinn play book on his dress.

The facebook page is full of what appears to be stolen quote images with his cheap logo and user handle pasted over top. It’s clear that these were not made by him or his ministry because all the content they create is very cheap looking and contain virtually no scripture. Everything this organization does is hastily made and covered in mistakes. For example, on the ABOUT tab of the facebook page the type of ministry was listed as “public toilet”. I kid you not.

Manasseh Jordan Public Toilet
Manasseh Jordan Public Toilet

Additionally, the website copyright for the shopping portal of his webpage has not been updated since 2011. I assume that the online portal is not a huge source of income at this point.

But where is the money coming from then? It would appear from these scam robot-calls and likely from ministry “partners” who donate money to the ministry on a monthly basis. His website (the part that’s kept up-to-date) explains how you can partner with his ministry ….. monetarily of course. They have no use for canned foods, blankets, or shoes for the homeless. They just need your cold hard cash to reach people. And what do ministry partners get for their generous donations? A bunch of free stuff. Wait…. how is it free if they just paid for it? It must be above my prophetic understanding.

At this urgent time we must bring Jesus to perishing souls as it declares in Romans 6:23. Please check one of the boxes below and partner with us in touching lives.


I am committing $30 a month or more ($1 a day!) to become a Silver Partner and help Prophet Manasseh spread the Gospel.

  • By committing you will receive a free subscription to Prophet Manasseh’s teachings on the prophetic anointing.
  • Daily prophetic and inspirational devotionals through emails.
  • Constant monthly video updates on the ministry progression.
  • Priority seating at Prophet Manasseh Events.
  • Free access to Prophet Manasseh’s manuscripts.


I am committing $50 a month or more to become a Gold Partner and help Prophet Manasseh spread the Gospel.

  • By committing you will receive a free subscription to Prophet Manasseh’s teachings on the prophetic anointing.
  • Daily prophetic and inspirational devotionals through emails.
  • Constant monthly video updates on the ministry progression.
  • Priority seating at Prophet Manasseh Events.
  • Free access to Prophet Manasseh’s manuscripts.


I am committing to $100 a month or more to become a Platinum Partner and help Prophet Manasseh spread the Gospel.

  • By committing you will receive a free subscription to Prophet Manasseh’s teachings on the prophetic anointing.
  • Daily prophetic and inspirational devotionals through emails.
  • Constant monthly updates on the ministry progression through webcast videos.


I am committing $500+ a month or more to become a Diamond Partner and help Prophet Manasseh spread the Gospel.

  • By committing you will receive a free subscription to Prophet Manasseh’s teachings on the prophetic anointing.
  • Daily prophetic and inspirational devotionals through emails.
  • Constant monthly video updates on the ministry progression.
  • Priority seating at Prophet Manasseh Events.
  • FREE access to Prophet Manasseh’s manuscripts.
  • FREE access to Prophet Manasseh monthly prophecy conference call (Advised: The prophet will be in prayer as he seeks the lord for a prophetic word for your life).
  • Access to a LIVE prophetic phone call with the Prophet.
  • Access to the entire ministries product for FREE.

Now, if someone wanted to contact the prophet without a monthly payment, there are a few options. His various sites give out multiple addresses and numbers so I will just list the two that are used the most. The first address is not actually a real office location. It’s a virtual office ran by Davinci Virtual. It’s basically outsourced office services. Possibly the creators of the cheap looking website? It’s hard to tell because the address came from the “privacy policy” section of the site. The facebook page and the source code of the shopping portal shows the second address.
708 3rd Ave 6th fl
New York, NY 10017
*Last Edited on 2016-10-01

Prophet Manasseh’s Products
PO Box 3320,
New York, New York 10163

Where did Manasseh Jordan come from?

This young con artist did not just appear one day. It’s clear that the tricks he is playing were taught to him. But who would teach a young man to run such a scam? It looks as though it was his father, Bernard Jordan….. or the “Bishop” as he likes to be called. That’s another typical title overused by the false TV preaching types. Bernard was the founder of Zoe Ministries and also a prosperity preacher. He hails from Brooklyn NY, and he also started his ministry at a young age, without getting an education. He is most known for his ties to Run DMC, Al Sharpton, and a few other famous prosperity types.

However, Bernard was at least wise enough to eventually get a few fake degrees like his televangelist counterparts. He claims to have degrees from Tabernacle Bible Institute in Brooklyn and the Manhattan Bible Institute. Neither of these schools seem to exist nor does he say what degree (if any) he obtained. Perhaps this is why he claimed to have a Ph.D. from Friends International Christian University in Merced, Calif. for his “life experience”.1

For those unfamiliar with Friends International Christian University, they are a fake Christian university that are known to handing out honorary degrees or “earned” degrees for money, while requiring almost NO course work or previous education. They are one of the favorite schools for fake preachers. According to his facebook profile, he also studied at Kepler College, which is another unaccredited online college. Given his new higher educational status, it appears that he also wants to be called “Arch Bishop”, which is prominently displayed on his facebook page. However, he’s sending mixed messages because elsewhere he lists a fan page in which he goes by the title of “Master Prophet” (Page).

He also has a web page where he offers “free written prophecy” which looks a lot like the mailer collection scam done by other televangelists. You give them your address and they hound you endlessly for donations. This is obviously where the young Manasseh Jordan learned his online scams. Although, Bernard’s website makes it clear that they are not affiliated with Manasseh or his ministry partners. In fact, all of his and his wife’s websites has this disclaimer at the bottom.

Bernard Jordan not affiliated with Manasseh Jordan
Bernard Jordan not affiliated with Manasseh Jordan

This leads one to wonder if they are still in good standings. The reason I bring this up is because his various websites don’t seem to indicate that he has a famous preacher son. Manasseh, in return never really mentions his also famous father. In fact, under the “Who is Bishop Jordan?” section of the website, his famous son is not mentioned. He is also not listed in the family section of his facebook page. Virtually none of the good Bishop’s websites or blogs ever mention his kids, whereas his wife’s websites do.

Bernard Bishops missing son Manasseh Jordan
Bernard Bishops missing son Manasseh Jordan

Actually it appears as though 4 of the 5 children are missing from Bernard’s Facebook family, including Manasseh. Oddly enough, his wife Debra also has some children missing from her family page, but she has 3 of the 5 kids as children listed.

Debra Jordan missing son Manasseh
Debra Jordan missing son Manasseh

It seems as though the only place they connect is on TBN or on a single post of Bernard’s ministry blog in 2014. I don’t know what’s going on with this family but I find it strange that the father/son prophet combination is not used more often… or at all. My guess is that there is some bad history there.

According to some that claim to have inside knowledge or to have attended Bernard’s church, there has always been a bit of family strife. According to one church goer, young Manasseh was not a fan of his father.

What a shame. As I’ve shared before, I was [at] the Zoo (Zoe Ministries) when Manassah and his siblings were there. He was probably around 5 at the time I was there. Daddy started shipping those kids off to military school at an early age; that is until the girls started to get ‘active.’ It was public knowledge that Bethany got knocked up. In fact, it is quite probable that Naomi was knocked up before she married a guy from the church. At any rate, there was always some ‘issues’ within that family. What’s surprising is that Manassah was very close to his mother so for him to be at odds with both parents is shocking. But i guess things change… Daddy Jordan was notorious for throwing his weight around and making veiled threats of bad things happening to those who ‘touched’ him (spoke negatively of him)…(Michelle, March 27, 2013)

Another church goer submitted this information about the family. (NOTE: the ‘abuse” mentioned in the following post is referring to an alleged sexual abuse of Manasseh by his older sisters. No evidence of this was able to be sourced, however).

I attended Zoe Ministries in the 90’s. Manessah is the youngest of Bishop Jordan’s 5 kids. He was very close with his mother. What I find interesting is the abuse from his sisters Naomi and Bethanny. Bishop Jordan shipped them off to military school when they were becoming teenagers. Not that it helped any. I don’t know how long they stayed in. Bethanny got pregnant. Naomi started messing with a guy named Kenneth Cook at the church. He didn’t come from money tho. I’m guessing she must have gotten pregnant because they got married early and quickly. It’s true about Rev Run and Bishop Jordan’s relationship. I believe it was Bobby Walker, Run’s former bodyguard, who introduced Run and DMC to the church. Bishop Jordan gravitates to money. At the time, Run had fallen on hard times. But Bishop Jordan had his eye on Russell and seemingly hoped that the relationship with Run would bring Russell and his bank account into the church. Word on the street had it that Russell did not like Bishop Jordan and was having him investigated. Run stuck around and Bishop Jordan continued to give him spiritual insight (if that’s what you wish to call it). DMC, on the other hand, jumped shipped with a lot of us. Bishop Jordan didn’t appear to be interested in mentoring DMC the way he mentored Run. Eventually DMC and his wife, Zuri left.

Russell did show up at the church a couple of times tho…was there for a video shoot for Run’s now defunct group, the Zoe Brothers and showed up for Run’s wedding with Justine…who by the way was reportedly living together before they were married! I guess this explains why Angela, her sister and other siblings are doing everything they are old enough to do. (Scripter, October 24, 2015)

What’s very interesting is that the son in the above picture, Joshua who is the eldest son, was the on[e] the Bishop Jordan was initially grooming. At an early age, when Manasseh was probably around 5 or 6, Joshua was the one sitting in the pulpit next to his father. Joshua was probably only 9 or 10 himself at the time. They’d dress him like some type of armor-bearer. And yes, Bishop Jordan became Rev Ike’s right hand man over the years. I wasn’t at Zoe in the beginning when they had the ministry in Brooklyn. I started attending when they had services at the Doral Inn on the East Side in Manhattan. He was much different back then. Yes, he still loved money, but he was a but more subdued back in the day. He did a lot of traveling. Word had it that his itinerary was booked for a year or two in advance. He was a bit more mainstream. I can remember Creflo and Taffy Dollar coming to church. Bishop Jakes came through. Mike Murdoch was a regular. But his main connections were those who were in prophetic ministries. However right around 1994 (I think that was the year), Bishop Jordan’s younger brother was killed. As it was well known, John was no saint. Nevertheless, his murder really did a number on Bishop Jordan. That was seemingly the beginning of the change. He started doing a lot of teaching on oppression and he started to disassociate with some of the white leaders that he had once shared the pulpit with. He started going into what some of us called ‘otherness’. He was into new age and all kinds of stuff. Membership started to shift. People who had been there for years started to leave but another crop of people started to show up. Then he started the prophetic training; started pulling people from the congregation and they became PITS…Prophets In Training. Those would be the people you see draped in the cloaks on the internet. This was right around the time he hooked up with Rev. Ike. He had Rev Ike show up at a few of the conferences. I remember this man pulled up in a Green Rolls Royce with fur carpeting!

And that was right around the time that I exited…stage left! (Scripter, October 25, 2015)

It’s hard to know what kind of struggles the family has had but I think it’s pretty evident that the tie that binds this family is money….not the faith. In fact, Bernard readily admits the virtues of being rich. In a 2003 interview he spoke these words,

In short, being rich is good. “Number one,” Jordan says, “it makes you comfortable, comfortable to fulfill your life purpose.” It also allows you to help others. “You see, it’s very selfish to say, ‘I just want enough money to live my life and pay my bills,’ because then you can’t help anybody else.” He looks around at his mansion. “This is not for me,” he says. “How much of this house can I live in?” (

But Bernard saw himself as more than just a wealthy prophet. He is God’s chosen one. That goes for his sons also. After purchasing his first mansion in 1996, for a little over 1.5 Million, Bernard commissioned a painter (and over 1 Million in renovations) to paint baroque style art on the ceilings where he and his family are in the place of the biblical characters. He being the prophet of God, decided to paint himself in the place of God. The art work took 3 years to complete. Sadly, no hi-res images seem to exist. However, some low-res ones do and they can be seen below.

it seems to be of no surprise that Bernard’s son, Yakim Manasseh has either the same God-complex as his father or just the same shameless greed.

How much money is Manasseh making?

One thing that I was curious about is how much money this scam artist, Manasseh, is making. Since the FCC citation was in 2017 and it’s now 2018, it stands to reason that the fines imposed by the FCC for continued behavior might be an indicator. For example, if he gets fined for calls made in 2017 and pays out $500,000 to the FCC then we can assume the fines are worth the hassle of his continued calls. According to the FCC these fines are pretty hefty.

The Commission may impose forfeitures not to exceed $18,936 for
each such violation or each day of a continuing violation, and up to $142,021 for any single act or failure
to act.33

However, these calls usually have to be reported by the people getting the calls. Chances are that he is only going to get fined for a few dozen phone calls. At the maximum price, 12 reported phone calls would cause him about $227,232 in fines. But chances are that he is making millions and is not going to care about the measly $227,232.

It’s been reported the Bernard makes about 2 million dollars a year, even though his church only has about 100 members. You don’t need tithers as long as you have a good robo-call strategy. I assume the same is true for young Manasseh.

If the calls are from Manasseh Jordan, then who is Saint Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry?

I think the last question that really needs answered is why a rising star like Manasseh Jordan would be sending out robo-calls under the name Saint Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry. If I had to guess, I’d say that that was a Catholic ministry. As it turns out, there are dozens of Catholic ministries that sound just like the fake one the Manasseh cooked up. In fact, one of them received enough contact under the misunderstanding that their website has a warning listed.

** St. Mary Prayer Line does NOT make outgoing phone calls.  We are not at all affiliated with “St. Mary Prayer CENTER Ministry” that has been making robocalls.

It would seem as though Manasseh desires to cloak this robo-call business and not associate it with his name and ministry. It’s pretty easy to see why. Even the typical prosperity church goer doesn’t like robo-calls or telemarketers. They are the lowest of the low. I guess we see now just how classy Manasseh Jordan really is.

1. []

90 thoughts on “Scam Alert: Manasseh Jordan Posing as “Saint Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry””

  1. Don’t be an absolute moron. I have threatened legal action against Manassah Jordan. It is 100% his bullshit “church.” If there is a God, this dude will begin feeding the worms asap.

  2. Ok, have you ever thought that real scammers use other’s renown people, or names to operate? Now, I don’t own this ministry per se, as I have also received several robot calls, till I decided to hit these # to get a real person. Very quickly I fell on an IMPERSONATOR who claimed to be this ministry. How do I know? because the same guy (recorded voice) impersonate other prominent ministries and charities. You have taken a long journey, but failed to address the real scammer. I am 100% convinced you were led by your feelings, mind, and senses that being Led by the Lord. Because you missed the real guy that impersonates others.

    There is a neat difference between exposing the false apostles (Revelation 2:1-3) and being an accuser … For example Judas betrayed Jesus, and been found of also being a thief. But no one can accuse Judas of having spoken to pilate to kill him. My point, is that even a criminal when being charge with fake charges is found not guilty of these charges, and the person who consciously did it, is found of PERVETING JUSTICE. I’m 100% against these charlatans of fake prophecies but I’m 100% against these FOOLS making the Word of God doubtful because of charlatans. Because I 100% believe the Bible as a Whole including The gifts and the Power, and Prophecies and Holiness and Hell and Heaven, in short The Whole WORD.

    So, since I have personally encountered the actual scammer posing as this ministry who the same used other renown ministries and charities, by that alone, I know that I know you missed the real scammer and found yourself being an accuser of the brethren. 100 people will tell you good Job, because they were certainly led by their own wisdoms and fleshy eyes, but I can tell you, YOU MISSED THE REAL SCAMMER.

    When you will do an article on the real impersonator then you will have made justice. but until then, you’re deliberately charging a man (for whom you definitely never prayed for) of being another one you have encountered simply because you were emotionally and carnally led.

    We must expose whomever does not do justice. And in this case, you’re right on spot, just like whomever else.

    • No, it’s definitely Manasseh Jordan. It’s already been documented and litigated by the FCC.

      IDK who paid you to write this nonsense comment but it’s a miserable failing attempt of projected accusations.

    • In 2012-2014 used to work at an answering service one of the clients was Manasseh Jordan Ministries. The 800 number that was advertised as Manasseh Jordan’s 24 hour prayer line came directlyto our 24hr answering service before the cluent outsourced to the Phillipines. We had to read scripts “prayers” to the callers, ask for and take payment information but were told to only use the word “seed”, and send the information over electronically at the end of each shift. If the caller dodnt have a cc we or said they didn’t have anything to give the script provided a PO Box to read to the caller, close the call without the prayer script and disposition the ticket in CRM as no-donation. I would ask not to be placed on that campaign when I came to work bc it was wrong. I’m an atheist but could not in good conscience take those calls and go home and sleep at night.

  3. I’m asking for prayer for me my children and grandchildren I’m asking for the blood of Jesus all over my home I’m asking for a miracle and Faisal American I have a Texas on me and my children grandchildren I’m asking for a coloring I’m asking for the blood of Jesus all over my home list of finances for a brand new home I need a brand new home right now because I think I’m going to be homeless please pray for me and pray for my phone I need a big miracle in my life right now please help honey

  4. YOU ARE such A Hater! Jealous and spent alot of time trying to destroy Jordan and his family legacy!….”Live and Let Live”….Hey, but you feel its okay for the 45 to do it.?….That’s my point, right! He may save one person out of 2 million – well, that what God appreciates…God uses the good and bad, if its in his glory,….Let go and let God handle this….Hater!

    • So when Jesus turned over the money changer’s tables because they were scamming people coming to worship….. That was cool…. But when I point out that this family is running an illegal scam on the most vulnerable in society…. I’m a hater?

      I’m no hater. I’m an intelligent observer, and it’s not hard to see that this man is a con artist and a criminal.

  5. I stumbled on your blog at 5 am after 6 hours of nursing a sick kiddo. I’ve been puked on 4x tonight and the sight of that jerry-curled sergeant pepper made me even more nauseated than being literally thrown up on by another human being. This is new age selling of indulgences- just another scheme to entice people to pay to play in the kingdom of God. This prosperity/prayer of Jabez nonsense has been an especially sinister tool used to devastate black churches and communities at large. I don’t think that Christ could have been any clearer about His attitude of disinterest with regard to how wealthy people were,but the creflo dollars of the world and the mannaseh swindler will continue to tie salvation to cash. We can only begin to stem the tide be personally and candidly educating each other about scams like this and I really admire your commitment to do just that. Best of luck with your studies! I need to go empty the vomit bucket… again.

  6. Got a call today from FagNasseh Jordan’s hope and prayer ministry. These PIGS are out of control. This time they are call spoofing from 817-318-8455, wait isn’t that deception?

  7. I received a call/voice mail on 16 Feb from (313) 284-7897 [Detroit]. Never CB’d.
    Instantly, research turned up this site. Thank you for your due diligence…

    However, I use an auto-dailer for local political campaigns. No wire fraud violation there.
    Also, what’s the hate-on for Benny Hinn?
    I am clearly nervous about ANY of this type of hucksterish fund raising. Do your homework and use your discernment.

    Moral of this story: DON’T BE A SUCKER! CAVEAT EMPTOR! and screen your calls. I utilize dual voice mail services.

  8. Just got called today from something similar (The Hope and Prayer Ministry Center) but they called from an unknown number.

  9. I just got a call from Saint Mary’s prayer center but I hung up. I browsed that and I found you. That’s awful. The number was 563-207-3325 Des Moines. I live in Iowa.

  10. Just got the call in Washington state, haha ;D Can’t wait to follow up one day and see him lose in court. What a silly man. Nice diversion. Oh well, back to normal life.

  11. I received the St Mary’s prayer ministry call on my new phone about three times. Now I have been getting this evil sounding voice speaking with urgency and without pause,…’ there’s a snake that has been put around you, ..’ and asking me to pay for the anointing oil”.Got this call twice . Then .a new call on my cell and also my landline…’ they have done this to you, but in this year, God says it shall come to pass, he wants what has been kept from you, to be returned…I don’t know what those things are, something to do with your finances…pay the 42 dollars now, or pay 142 or pay a thousand and 42, whatever you pay, remember to put the 42 at the end.. etc.i got three calls on my landline within a span of 24 hours, and five calls on my cell phone in the last two days.What should I do?

    • You need to report it to the FCC and then go in the menasseh Jordan website and done the DNC number to be taken off the list. However, I’ve not gotten any feedback yet as to whether or not the new DNC list is legit.

  12. I just received a phone call from 541-444-3255 (Oregon) stating they were calling from St. Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry. I do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize. The number left a message and it was the same pre-recorded/robo message as the one shared above. The crappy thing with my situation is I really could have used some prayers due to some unfortunate things that are currently happening in my life! At first, I thought it was legitimate because I have friends that would consider putting me on a prayer list. To find out it is a scam is heart breaking and a huge disappoint!! It is amazing how far someone will go just to steal a buck from someone who really can’t afford to spend it on something that should be given for free!! Teri Schuster

  13. Wow, he doesn’t even take a day off for Christmas! Just got a call from “St. Mary’s Prayer Center” and decided to check it out. Thanks for your post.

  14. Here in TX got a call asking if I need prayer. Did not recognize the number 210-742-2104 so did not answer. It’s now blocked by robokiller. Next time they can talk to one of my bots

  15. At 8:25 p.m., eastern standard time, December 22, 2018, (about half an hour ago), a call came in from an unknown number (603) 932-7448. That is my area code in New Hampshire, but since I didn’t know the number, I didn’t pick up and I let my phone deal with it. Sure enough, I got the same message that has been stated above.

    I have a lot of catholic relatives who might be concerned about me, so I jumped to the conclusion that one of them had given my name and number to this organization and I decided to try to figure out which one of them it might have been.

    In my search I discovered the article quoted in this article, and then this article. I can’t understand why people fall for these guys.

    Since I didn’t answer the phone, and therefore didn’t press 1 or 3, I expect I will hear from them again. I will be prepared next time. Too bad there’s not much I can do to throw a monkey wrench in their scam.

  16. How can I stop them from calling me? I live in Atlanta Georgia. The ministry contacts me with a Georgia Telephone number. I’m guessing he has do no- calls setup in many states. Running the same scam.

    • They have an internal do not call list that you have to register for. It looks like it’s mandated from the FCC because it’s now on the Manasseh Jordan website

  17. Here are just a few of the numbers that I received today (December 21st, 2018):
    636 344 9513
    314 380 8919
    816 680 6167
    636 329 4938
    636 329 4970
    314 380 8776
    417 409 2617
    816 306 0195
    636 329 4971
    573 430 7997
    636 344 9521
    573 267 6072
    573 444 8369
    636 344 6347
    573 430 7914
    816 680 6223

  18. I never heard of this guy until earlier this week, around Dec 18, 2018 (give or take a day) and I got a text from him. There was an option to STOP to opt out, so I used it. Unfortunately, I did not block nor record the number, I just deleted the conversation, assuming they would in fact stop. Last night I got a call fro good old Sister Mary. I had already gone to bed, so they talked to my vm, but this time I added the number to my Phone Warrior (app to block calls and I’d them before you pick up the phone in a lot of cases). Looked it up and read your article. Very interesting. What a scumbag.

    • It’s bad enough that he’s scamming people but he’s also convincing people that he’s a real “prophet”. Charlatan in the first degree.

  19. I keep recording their calls and continue to get as much out of their “Customer Service” as I can. I asked one guy who’s supposedly from the Philippines to add me on a fake FB account so we’ll see how that goes…. maybe I’ll ask to speak to Manasseh himself and see if it’ll get me anywhere. ?
    Another “Customer Service” line is:

  20. Also from Utah. First got the “Prayer” call recording, a week later received a pretty scary sounding recording that I hung up and then called back and recorded (almost 10 minutes worth of preaching and eventually asking for $$$, credit card and other personal info), days later another call with a different recording also asking for money, and today I just received another call recording asking for money. Both times I have tried to talk to customer service to get more information out of them, they claim they are from the Philippines and don’t know anything about the corporation and are simply taking calls. Both times they gave me other #’s to call which then asked for personal information AGAIN. (385) 323-9134
    (385) 347-4046 are the numbers I’ve received calls from. I was told to call 800-318-5416 for customer service.

  21. These guys are back at it! I just got a call today, Dec 13, 2018, from 623-277-4446 with the same robo message. They called my Tucson mobile number and I am on the national do not call list. This reminds me of John Oliver’s amazing segment on Televangelists who scam people out of money for prayers. I suggest looking it up on youtube

  22. Just got a call from this crap. I’m Catholic and super irritated that he would use the Holy Mother’s name for this scam. Nothing short of blasphemy, not to mention totally illegal.

    This #
    ‭1 (760) 314-8364‬

  23. I’m in Tenn. Just called me from a Tenn number. I return called & hears the robot -hung up. Then googled. Blocked the number. Several scam calls this year to my number. I just block. I’m saving up a file of these.

  24. I’ve been getting calls from this stain on religion and spirituality. I’m getting multiple per week now. Luckily, I’m in work and cannot bring my phone inside (I work in corrections), so I miss them. I am happy to provide any information that I can to help this despicable excuse of a person get what he deserves. If he were calling my work cell, I’d look into getting him 3 hots and a cot at work.

  25. the calls don’t stop. i get on average 6 calls a week plus text messages. this is totally unbelievable. would love to do whatever i can to make it stop. I have reported to the DNC, FCC and still nothing happens.

    • Honestly if it were me I’d just record the ridiculous conversation, put it on YouTube, and give they guy terrible publicity until it stops

  26. Thanks for the great article about this shyster. I was inundated with robo calls from the self proclaimed “Prophet” Manasseh for YEARS. I filed complaints with the FCC and had my home number listed with National Do Not Call Registry. The only thing that helped was being able to block the number with my phone carrier, except over the years I had blocked probably 50 numbers from the “prophet.” There was never an option to ‘press 2 to be removed from the list.’ The calls were so frequent that it became a running joke to be called by the “prophet.” We moved to a new area (we are in Virginia) and received a new home number. Who calls today but St. Mary’s Prayer Center aka “Prophet” Manasseh!! It’s unbelievable.

  27. Got the call yesterday from a number in VA. Called the number back and it actually connected to the ministry and said that ‘someone would call me back in 24 hours to pray with me’.

    Can’t stand people who don’t work respectably for their income.

    • The sad part is that these scams are all-too-common. All the televangelists that run around with this guy are doing the same types of scams. Everyone on TBN is crook!

  28. I have a serious issue with this place. I donated a few bucks after getting a robocall. The operator was Indian. The number comes from Cleveland. The p.o. box is in new York and the number on the debit receipt is jersey. Anyway, I gave some cash then two days later I get a new call about my prosperity angel. Here’s where it gets wild. Yesterday on Twitter this supposedly old, cancer ridden lady from Australia
    Follows me, sends me a message about how God wants her to leave me 6.8 million dollars. It’s all a scam out of India. I’m in the process of taking care of it but coincidence? Anyone who wants to share info get with me at

  29. I received a call just today. It was fortuitist timing as I had been in one of those moments lost in tears. I lost my most Beloved Husband, and the best part of myself, near the end of January. My guess is that this operator is now using the obits (especially of Catholics) to scam us. Thankfully, God blessed me with the wisdom (much of it learned through my Husband) of searching the callers before I answer such a call. Thank you for this post. God Bless!

  30. Wow, thanks for this well-researched article. It tells me everything I wanted to know about the origin of this bizarre robocall, and more.

    • I got called yesterday by this scammer. I get 6 to 10 calls per week from scammers using spoofed caller ID. The FCC needs to crack down on the technology companies that facilitate the ability to spoof calls. They are spinning there wheels finding these scammers. Shut down their mode of communication so they have no tools to hide behind a spoofed caller ID.

  31. I have sued Manasseh and his scam operation for racketeering in federal district court in California’s southern district. The case number is 18cv0158. The use of a robo-dialer is a wire fraud violation and a violation of the TCPA. If anyone knows how I can get this scammer served with the summons and complaint, please let me know.


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