Jerks Of The Bible Series | Entry #9: Jezebel

Frederic Leighton - Jezabel andAhab, c.1863

Jezebel’s Bio Jezebel was the Phoenician wife of King Ahab (871 – c. 852 BCE) in the northern kingdom of Israel. She was the daughter of king Ethbaal who ruled the Phoenician cities on the coast. According to the 2nd century BCE Greek historian, Menander of Ephesus, we know that Jezebel’s father, Ethbaal, was a … Read more

Jerks Of The Bible Series | Entry #8: Judah

Kevissimo Loss and Deception Story of Judah and Tamar

Judah Judah was one of the 12 sons of Jacob that later become the 12 tribes of Israel. He fathered three sons, Er and then Onan, and lastly Shelah. Both of his two older son’s were killed by God. Why He’s a Jerk Never rebuked his son Onan for lying in order to have sex with his … Read more

Jerks Of The Bible Series | Entry #7: Herodias

Herodias with johns head

Herodias Mark 6:22-24 described a story about a relatively unknown person in the Bible, Herodias, the wife of Herod. Herodias makes the list of Jerks as #7 for having a vicious lust for power and vengeance. Why She’s a Jerk Adultery for the purpose of being married to the king and not the king’s half … Read more

Jerks Of The Bible Series | Entry #6: Unnamed Levite in Judges 19

lego concubine

Judges is a fun book in the Bible. It depicts a time period in Israelite history that was less than stellar. For more on that time period you can read –>this<– post on Samson. Right about when Samson was leaving the scene the Bible records a story that is possibly one of the most gruesome of all religious texts.

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Jerks Of The Bible Series | Entry #5: Lot

Lot and daughters by Pound da Guercino

At first glance Lot might seem like a cool cat. He was the nephew of Abraham and God even spared him from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Surely if God spared him he must be a good person. Think again! While Lot might have some props from God he certainly was not perfect. In fact, Lot was pretty questionable. Actually that is too nice. Lot was a total jerk and here is why.

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Jerks Of The Bible Series | Entry #4: Jonah

Jonah and Great Fish

Jonah was a jerk!

Most of us know the story of Jonah, and we also know that part of his story is that he ran away from God’s calling for him. What most people don’t recall is the rest of the story. It is the 4th chapter of the book of Jonah that reveals that he is a flat out jerk.

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