Select letters of St. Jerome [PDF]

Select Letter of St Jerome Cover

Author: Saint Jerome About: Saint Jerome was one of the most influential translators in history. Originally tasked with updating and organizing the Latin manuscripts in the start of the 4th century, he went on to translate the majority of the Bible from the original Greek and Hebrew into Latin. He took notes on his work … Read more

The Composition and Redaction of the Book of Amos

The Composition and Redaction of the Book of Amos, eCover

Author: Tchavdar S. Hadjiev About: This commentary is specifically on the composition and redactions of Amos, not on the meanings of the prophecies. It is an academic commentary rather than a theological one. It was sourced from This Oxford dissertation offers a fresh redactional analysis of the Book of Amos. It starts with a critical … Read more

The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls

The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls Geza Vermes

Author: Geza Vermes About: Since its publication in 1962, esteemed biblical expert Géza Vermes’s translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls has established itself as the authoritative standard. The original manuscripts, discovered in the Judean Desert between 1947 and 1956, completely transformed our understanding of the Hebrew Bible, early Judaism, and the origin of Christianity. Now … Read more

The Septuagint With Apocrypha

The Septuagint translated by Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton

Author: Translated by Sir Lancelot C.L. Brenton Preface: The Septuagint (or “LXX” ) is the Greek version of the Old Testament. It is a translation of the Hebrew Old Testament and certain Apocryphal books, which was written in the late 3rd century BC by the order of Ptolemy II Philadelphus, the king of Ptolemaic Egypt (283 … Read more