Translation Errors In The KJV: Ruth 2:2 (Gleaning Ears of Corn?)

Gleaners by Jean-François Millet

RUTH 2:2 – CORN OR GRAIN? For those of us who spent any amount of time reading the book of Ruth, it’s quite easy to see that the product being gleaned by Ruth was most likely barley but could have also been wheat. However, the KJV states in Ruth 2:2 that she went out to … Read more

Translation Errors In The KJV: Acts 27:17 (fall into the quicksands?)


If you found yourself here looking for errors in the KJV please feel free to also visit the others in the KJV errors archive. In this series (Translation Errors in the KJV) we have sought not to show that the KJV is a bad translation but that it’s clearly not perfect. There is no reason … Read more

Who Is The Morning Star? Satan Or Jesus?


If you have read the KJV much you will notice that it differs from modern translations in Isaiah 14:12. It can be quite confusing unless you know the original biblical languages and the history and etymology of certain words. The way this issue usually arrises is a KJV reader points out that Jesus is called … Read more

Is The NIV Purposefully “Removing” Words From The Bible?

KJVO burning Bible

In the never-ending battle keep the KJVO movement in check there is an immediate need to address a claim that I was just recently made aware of. A friend of mine who (for reasons unknown) follows Steven Anderson and his KJV heresy, recently tried to slander the NIV by stating that the translators purposefully removed … Read more

Translation Errors In The KJV – Acts 12:4 (Easter or Passover?)

Passover or Easter

  I almost didn’t write about this because it’s usually the most used anti-KJV argument and I hate to be cliche. However, it does need to be explained properly. One of the difficult parts of this translation is that it’s dependent upon one’s understanding of history. The KJV side of the argument is a bit … Read more

Translation Errors In The King James Version: Hebrews 4:8 (Jesus or Joshua?)

Cefalù Pantocrator retouched

Translation Errors In The King James Version We now have 5 and soon to be 6 entries on this topic. You can find the other entries through the “Blog Series” menu at the top of the page or by clicking a link provided below. Acts 19:37 (Robbers of what?) Psalm 145 (Where is the rest … Read more