Things I’ve Learned In Church: Entry #2 | Sleeping In Church

slain in spirit

Things I’ve Learned In Church: Entry #2

Sleeping in church is ok.

As long as it’s the pastor that puts you to sleep. For those of you who have wanted to nap during a service or at least rest your eyes, there is hope for you. The faith healing churches have a service designed with YOU in mind.

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Things I’ve learned In Church: Jesus Was a Republican

Jesus is a socialist

Things I’ve learned in church #1.

Jesus supports social justice and calls Christians too also…..just as long as it’s called justice not welfare or healthcare. Those are democratic and Jesus votes republican.

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10 People You Will Meet Or Already Have Met At Church

Creepy Hugger

I consider myself  to be a bit of a denominational mutt. I grew up in the Catholic school system, converted to charismatic non-denominational-ism when I was 16, and worked for a Presbyterian and a Lutheran church in my 20’s. I’ve been to Southern Baptist churches, Brethren, Church of  Christ, Methodist, American Baptist, Pentecostal, AG, and just about all the rest in my early Christian walk. However, I have noticed that in all the denominations, it is mostly just the theology that changes. The people are always the same……always.

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3 Gifts of the Holy Spirit They Never Told You About In Corinthians

Seven-Gifts-Holy-Spirit low res

If you are part of a charismatic church or have visited one you might have noticed that some Corinthian behavior is present. Most popular of those is speaking in tongues and other various manifestations. (Although, not the sexual behaviors…..the denominational churches have the deviant sexual behavior of the Corinthians church taken care of already).

What you might not know is that the list of spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 is not an exhaustive list. Paul obviously was not aware that the 20th and 21st century would bring with them an addendum of gifts, in addition to the old ones; IE, wisdom, knowledge, healing, etc…..Here are a few that can be added to the list.

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3 Things I’ve Learned About Politics From Church Sermons


If you have been a Christian for at least one voting term you will know that many pastors and church leaders are pretty serious about voting and associating with the appropriate political party. In fact, if you don’t align with that view you might not be welcome in which ever church you are attending, or at the very least you may receive a partial shunning because of your ignorance of God’s voting preferences.

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First Day of Summer; Summer Solstice & The Feast Day of John The Baptist

start of summer

Welcome Dust Off the Bible readers. As we approach what we Americans call the official start of summer, June 21st; or more accurately, June 20-22nd, depending on the year. Here is some information about this interesting day, where it came from, and why it matters to Christians.

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