5 Craziest Things That Actually Happened In A Church Service

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Let’s have a conversation about how crazy churches be getting these days. Here are 5 things that should never happen in a church service ever again. 5. The Baptismal Diver This is a truly unique event where someone might have gotten a bit excited about their need to be baptized. 4. Choir Director Twerking I am … Read more

Snake Handling Pastors Continue To Die From Bites; Flocks In Shock.

snakes handling churches

As much as I enjoy poking fun at my own faith I don’t think that this is a funny story. I mean, people are actually dying from snake bites. Yet the madness continues. Latest snake handling death cases Over the summer John David Brock, a member of Mossy Simpson Pentecostal Church, was bitten by a … Read more

Top 5 Crazy Christians

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If you have been a Christian who takes your faith serious then you might have puked up in the back of your throat a bit when Harold Camper convinced thousands of people to quit their jobs and prepare the world for the end of the universe. In fact, it seams like everyday that some “Christian” is making it big in the mainstream media for making a complete fools of themselves. Here are some of my favorites.

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3 Gifts of the Holy Spirit They Never Told You About In Corinthians

Seven-Gifts-Holy-Spirit low res

If you are part of a charismatic church or have visited one you might have noticed that some Corinthian behavior is present. Most popular of those is speaking in tongues and other various manifestations. (Although, not the sexual behaviors…..the denominational churches have the deviant sexual behavior of the Corinthians church taken care of already).

What you might not know is that the list of spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 is not an exhaustive list. Paul obviously was not aware that the 20th and 21st century would bring with them an addendum of gifts, in addition to the old ones; IE, wisdom, knowledge, healing, etc…..Here are a few that can be added to the list.

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