Things I’ve Learned In Church: Entry #2 | Sleeping In Church

Things I’ve Learned In Church: Entry #2

Sleeping in church is ok.

As long as it’s the pastor that puts you to sleep. For those of you who have wanted to nap during a service or at least rest your eyes, there is hope for you. The faith healing churches have a service designed with YOU in mind.

I was at Church on the North Coast once in Lorain Ohio and it was my first experience at a charismatic church. What I saw there was a bit shocking for a kid (I was 16) who grew up in the Catholic school system. At the start of the service, when people were singing, the pastor called people to the altar for healing and prayer. And that’s when the madness broke out…..

The first lady that came up was obviously sleep deprived because as soon as the pastor touched her she fell flat on the ground like a stiff board. After making her decent to the ground, some ushers covered her with a blanket and she caught up on some much needed sleep.

faith healer
Looked about like this

What surprised me the most was that the service was 3 hours long. If you grew up in a mainline denomination that has services anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, you will be shocked by the marathon services that the charismatics put on. The best part of this service is that they let that lady sleep right through the entire 3 hours. They didn’t wake her, nudge her, or even check to make sure she was still breathing.

slain in spirit
Nap time

After the pastor began the dismissal she promptly woke up and walked to get her belongings. Call it the Holy Spirit or call it getting slain, but I’m calling it sleeping in church. But it sure beats trying to pull off the sun glasses in church sleeping trick.




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  1. I personally prefer to wear sun glasses in church when I sleep. Then again…..I’d rather just no go period if I’m going to sleep.


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