Controversial Mega-Church Pastor Removed From Position

Perry Noble

Breaking News on Perry Noble As of July 1st, Perry Noble will no longer be Sr. Pastor of NewSpring Church, in Anderson South Carolina. Though the church was started in Noble’s apartment as a Bible study, in 2000, the church leadership has decided that it’s best to remove him from service, due to problems related … Read more

Translation Errors In The King James Version: Acts 19:37 (Robbers of what?)

Jerusalem Temple

Some of the translation errors in the KJV are actually a bit baffling. This particular translation error is one of those. It appears like the translators purposefully mistranslated the Greek word “ἱερόσυλος“. Here are the various translations. For ye haue brought hither these men, which are neither robbers of Churches, nor yet blasphemers of your … Read more