Things I’ve Learned In Church: Entry #2 | Sleeping In Church

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Things I’ve Learned In Church: Entry #2

Sleeping in church is ok.

As long as it’s the pastor that puts you to sleep. For those of you who have wanted to nap during a service or at least rest your eyes, there is hope for you. The faith healing churches have a service designed with YOU in mind.

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3 Gifts of the Holy Spirit They Never Told You About In Corinthians

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If you are part of a charismatic church or have visited one you might have noticed that some Corinthian behavior is present. Most popular of those is speaking in tongues and other various manifestations. (Although, not the sexual behaviors…..the denominational churches have the deviant sexual behavior of the Corinthians church taken care of already).

What you might not know is that the list of spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 is not an exhaustive list. Paul obviously was not aware that the 20th and 21st century would bring with them an addendum of gifts, in addition to the old ones; IE, wisdom, knowledge, healing, etc…..Here are a few that can be added to the list.

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