Where Did The Amish and Mennonites Come From?

mennonite buggy and horse

If you clicked on this article it is probably true that you have seen the Amish at some point but might be unsure how they got here. Or perhaps you might be wondering¬†why they come here since they have such a unique way of life. Below is a short introduction about how the Amish and … Read more

Pope Behaves Like Jesus: Republican Heads Explode!

pope francis quote

  I have seen Fox News attack many people but I did not expect them to attack the Pope.¬†But does he really deserve such treatment? What did he say to make them so upset? Answer: He is just being an honest Christian and doing what Christian’s are supposed to do. Loving others and being responsible. … Read more

Throwing Stones; A Christian View on Laws and Deportation

ose Lizandro Escobar-Vera

As the local news and Facebook have been exploding, I caught wind of a specific deportation case that shocked me. What shocked me even more was the conversation I had over Facebook (with old friends) about the incident. I made a rather passionate argument for why this case really needed to take into account that … Read more