ChristianMingle Loses Lawsuit To Maintain Christian Values, Must Allow Same-Sex Searches


The News on ChristianMingle, the largest online dating service for Christian singles, must now start allowing people to search for same-sex relationships. Under order by judge after losing a lawsuit, has to forgo it’s niche as a Christian singles dating site. ChristianMingle currently only requires new users to specify whether they’re a man seeking a woman … Read more

Pope Francis Says Mother Teresa Will Be Made A Saint On Sept. 4, 2016

Mother Teresa We Only Have Today

Whether one are Catholic or not, one has to admit that Mother Teresa was a shining example of Christianity. She has been a nun since 1928, when she was only 18 years old. To put that into perspective she was already in her young 30’s when WWII was in the heat of battle. She passed away … Read more

Bernie Sander’s Religion: “That child who is hungry is my child”

When you hurt, when your children hurt, I hurt, I hurt … That child who is hungry, is my child … that is my religion. - Bernie Sanders, CNN Town Hall 2-23-16

A rather small and unnoticed portion of the Democratic debate, on February 22nd, should make us all ask ourselves; what does is mean to be Christian? Before going any further, here is the video clips form the debate. Without saying too much about the technicalities of our Christian faith, I would like to point out … Read more

Pope Behaves Like Jesus: Republican Heads Explode!

pope francis quote

  I have seen Fox News attack many people but I did not expect them to attack the Pope. But does he really deserve such treatment? What did he say to make them so upset? Answer: He is just being an honest Christian and doing what Christian’s are supposed to do. Loving others and being responsible. … Read more