What Is The Schleitheim Confession?


The Schleitheim Confession is the founding document for the Brethren church, also known as the Swiss Anabaptists. The movement started in the early 1500’s, under the leadership of Michael Sattler, Conrad Grebel, Balthasar Hubmaier, Felix Mantz, and others who were once followers of Huldrich Zwingli, the Swiss reformer. In 1527, those who had not yet … Read more

Where Did The Amish and Mennonites Come From?

mennonite buggy and horse

If you clicked on this article it is probably true that you have seen the Amish at some point but might be unsure how they got here. Or perhaps you might be wondering why they come here since they have such a unique way of life. Below is a short introduction about how the Amish and … Read more

4 Insane Ways The Catholic And Protestant Churches Dealt With The Anabaptists

anabaptist martyrs

For those not familiar with the term Anabaptist, it is a title given to the Christians that believed Baptism should done as an adult when one made the free choice to follow Christ. They were hated by the Catholic church for baptizing adults and also hated by the protestant churches for many reasons, including baptism. … Read more