In 2017 Jim Bakker Predicted That Trump Impeachment Would Trigger Christian Civil War…… Will He Repent From His Prediction When It Fails?

Jim Bakker Predict Civil War After Impeachment

Back in 2017 I pointed out that the disgraced televangelist, Jim Bakker, was making the prediction that if Trump were to be impeach Christians would start a civil war. This came after the guest on his program brought up a prophecy by Kim Clement which stated Trump would be threatened with impeachment but it would … Read more

Disgraced Televangelist, Jim Bakker, Predicts That Trump Impeachment Would Trigger Christian Civil War

Another week, another TV charlatan preacher saying crazy things. Jim Bakker is an old-school televangelist that helped get shows like PLT & TBN off the ground back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. After sex, fraud, and accounting scandals plagued him in the mid-80’s he was sentences to 45 years in prison. He was … Read more

How To Keep Sane With Social Media and 24/7 News

Keeping sanity and mental health with social media

Mental Health, Social Media, and 27/7 News Having a smart phone has brought some positive changes to my personal life. I can easily access directions when I’m lost – instead of wandering aimlessly around back country roads. I can promote the jewelry items I sell on Etsy on Instagram and Twitter. I can see pictures … Read more

Westboro Baptist Church Will Be Picketing The Inauguration

Fred Phelps Sr.

Perhaps nothing can stop the faithful servants at WBC. Here is one of the senior members preparing for the inauguration of Donald Trump. Picking which Bible signs to hold for #DonaldTrump’s #Inauguration. The struggle is real. A video posted by Westboro Baptist Church (@wbcloves) on Jan 18, 2017 at 2:13pm PST

No, Hillary Is Not A Satanist, But Spirit Cooking Is As Weird And Cultic As It Sounds

Thanks to the email dumps over at Wikileaks we have learned that John Podesta is good friends with Marina Abramovic and apparently she is one freaky woman. Initially the story was broke by the major misinformation outlets like InfoWars and Drudge but even a broke clock is right twice a day. However, I must first say … Read more

Hey Conspiracy Theorists, Flies and Sulphur are Not Signs of Demonic Presence


Just when you think the conspiracy theorists and “secret info” news reporters could get no worse, we are now plagued with rumors that both Obama and Hillary are demon possessed. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not endorsing either of them. I am not telling you how to cast your vote. However, I am … Read more