What Is The Apocalypse Of James?

Martyrdom Of Saint James

The “Gospel of James,” can confuse a lot of people, not realizing that there is a different between the Gospel of James and the Apocalypse of James. This mistake is quite understandable but there are large differences between the two texts. The Apocalypse of James is a letter full of secrets that Jesus communicated to James; at … Read more

Where Did The Amish and Mennonites Come From?

mennonite buggy and horse

If you clicked on this article it is probably true that you have seen the Amish at some point but might be unsure how they got here. Or perhaps you might be wondering why they come here since they have such a unique way of life. Below is a short introduction about how the Amish and … Read more

I (Still) Believe – Book Review

I (Still) Believe Header

“I (Still) Believe” Leading Bible Scholars Share Their Stories Of Faith And Scholarship By:  John Byron , Joel N. Lohr Overview: I (Still) Believe explores the all-important question of whether serious academic study of the Bible is threatening to one’s faith. Seventeen prominent biblical scholars share real stories from their lives of faith and scholarship. About … Read more

Have Tongues Ceased As John MacArthur Argues?

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Until recently I never really spent much time thinking about whether or not the gifts of the spirit, specifically tongues, have ceased. But that changed once I got familiar with the Reformed movement and the Calvinists. As it turns out some believe that “The Perfect” is referring to the Bible and they believe this because it is vital … Read more

5 Genius Theologians Who Were Also Half Crazy

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When we reach back in theology history we tend to look upon our famous theologians with rose colored glasses. We tend to remember the best of what they did and discard the rest. However, here we are going to look at some of the worst things about some of the best known theologians. Feel free … Read more