Does the Bible Support a Flat Earth?

Babylonian Flat Earth map

  Flat Earth Bible Verses With Notes It might be hard to tell by just reading a few isolated Bible passages but the cosmological view was that the earth was surrounded by water on all sides and that the boundaries of the habitable zone was the ground and the firmament. Springs in the ground and … Read more

Warning!! More Demons Found In The CERN Beams!

Freedomfighter2127 found in the CERN beams

  If you have not been keeping up with the information coming out about the demons in the CERN beam watch the videos about them first. (–> Demons in the CERN beams <–) I also pasted the original video on top of the new one that I made with my new discoveries. CERN beam video … Read more

Apparently The CERN Hadron Collider Is The Gate To Hell

CERN Youtube clips about demons

Well now I’ve heard it all folks. I don’t run around in circles that get into conspiracy theories or dark rumors. But I was alerted to the claim in the title of this post by a friend on Instagram who claimed her mother received a word from God that more demons will be coming to … Read more

2015 Blood Moons Completed: Most Anticlimactic Apocalypse Yet.


Most Boring Dooms Day Yet It should come as no surprise that the latest dooms day culmination did not result in the planet spiraling into oblivion.  There have a slew of failed predictions from even well known Christians for centuries. Here is the short list. 90 CE: Clement of Rome predicted that the world end would occur … Read more

Pope Behaves Like Jesus: Republican Heads Explode!

pope francis quote

  I have seen Fox News attack many people but I did not expect them to attack the Pope. But does he really deserve such treatment? What did he say to make them so upset? Answer: He is just being an honest Christian and doing what Christian’s are supposed to do. Loving others and being responsible. … Read more

Blood Moon Tetrads: The 2015 Bible Prophecy That Will Be Blowing Up Social Media In September

four blood moons

Here we go again. Big time teachers, preachers, and televangelists are trying to predict the future. Below is a thorough explanation by long time televangelist and money changer, John Hagee. What is a blood moon? First and foremost, Bible prophecy “experts” have been obsessed with blood moons for centuries. Before we get too far lets define … Read more