Reverend & Author Bromleigh McCleneghan Believes That Sex Outside Of Marriage Is Biblical, The Bible And All Of Christian History Seems To Disagree

Church wedding cross

As has been reported in many news outlets, Reverend(used improperly) Bromleigh McCleneghan has authored a book (Good Christian Sex) that claims sex outside of marriage is both biblical and holy. While I am sure it would make a great post to discuss the topic in depth, I am going to have to read the book first. … Read more

What Is The Apocalypse Of James?

Martyrdom Of Saint James

The “Gospel of James,” can confuse a lot of people, not realizing that there is a different between the Gospel of James and the Apocalypse of James. This mistake is quite understandable but there are large differences between the two texts. The Apocalypse of James is a letter full of secrets that Jesus communicated to James; at … Read more

Tim Tebow Just Invalidated All Of Your Excuses


As I was checking the news I ran by an interesting article about Tim Tebow. It turns out that he was dating Miss Universe (Olivia Culpo) and they recently split because he refused to have sex with her. This is the same woman that got Nick Jonas to remove his purity ring shortly after they … Read more

Was Mary A perpetual Virgin?

Perpetual Virgin Mary

When I typed in the title of my post into Google to see what answers would come up, I was surprised to find that reputable, academic affiliated, Catholic sites were still espousing the idea that Mary was a perpetual virgin. It should be no surprise that traditional Catholic sites still push this theology. Below we … Read more

A Woman’s Thirst for Something More

Jesus and The Samaritan woman at the well

The story of Jesus and the Woman of Samaria is a short yet profound display of Christ’s love towards sinners and our yearning for something more in this life. We all have our moments in which we thirst for something to give us a deeper satisfaction and meaning in our lives. We live in a … Read more

Christian Side Hug Original Video

Christian side hug

This gem came out a number of years ago. I still have no idea is this was serious or a parody. Either way, nothing is more of an oxymoron than “Rough Riders” singing about side hugs. I am also a bit perplexed by the guns and bullets sound effects. That doesn’t seem very Christian.