No, Hillary Is Not A Satanist, But Spirit Cooking Is As Weird And Cultic As It Sounds

Thanks to the email dumps over at Wikileaks we have learned that John Podesta is good friends with Marina Abramovic and apparently she is one freaky woman. Initially the story was broke by the major misinformation outlets like InfoWars and Drudge but even a broke clock is right twice a day. However, I must first say … Read more

Donald Trump’s Christian Policy Advisor, Frank Amedia, Is A TV Faith Healer

Frank Amedia

As the media echo-chamber begins to sound the alarm on Trumps “Christian Policy Advisor” we are learning more and more about how crazy Pastor Frank Amedia is. He’s not just crazy, he’s fake. He’s as fake as every TV preacher you’ve ever seen, trying to take money from the poorest people in society. Frank Amedia … Read more

Why Franklin Graham Is Wrong About God In Politics

In god we trust

Franklin Graham was recently quoted as saying “We’ve Taken God Out of the Political Debate … I Want to Put Him Back In.“ He said this as he traveled the USA on his 50-state 2016 Decision America Tour. He also stated “The only hope for this country is God and we have taken God out of … Read more

Bernie Sander’s Religion: “That child who is hungry is my child”

When you hurt, when your children hurt, I hurt, I hurt … That child who is hungry, is my child … that is my religion. - Bernie Sanders, CNN Town Hall 2-23-16

A rather small and unnoticed portion of the Democratic debate, on February 22nd, should make us all ask ourselves; what does is mean to be Christian? Before going any further, here is the video clips form the debate. Without saying too much about the technicalities of our Christian faith, I would like to point out … Read more

Trump Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Communion Tray And An Offering Tray

Trump Not So Sure Which Plate To Use

  As I pointed out previously, in January, Donald Trump does not attend church nor does he read his Bible. More evidence of this claim has surfaced this week after spending a weekend in Iowa before the big primary. He attended First Christian Church, in Council Bluffs. According to observers and Trump himself, he did … Read more