Biblical Archaeology Review Suggests Eve Was Made From Adam’s Penis, Not His Rib

Illustrated manuscript of Adam and Eve

If you are thinking that possibly the title of this post is more tabloid than fact then I encourage you to read on. The original article on this topic was done by Ziony Zevit and can be read at this link:¬† It has come to my attention that I am a bit late in seeing … Read more

Before Adam And Eve, Were Enki and Ninhursag

Enki And Ninhursag And The Tree Of Life

Creation stories abound in the middle east, especially around the fertile crescent. I wanted to publish the contents of this classic creation saga because it sheds light on some of the ancient thoughts about creation back in the pre-patriarch days. They are pictured in countless reliefs and sculptures that date back thousands of years. Some … Read more

No, Genesis Does Not Contain Two Contradictory Creation Accounts

Raphael Creation Painting

  I read a post on Patheos recently pointing out that Genesis told two different conflicting stories of creation. The author opens up with this issue because the post is about how the Bible has errors; a claim which I typically support because the Bible does actually contradict itself in places. Chronicles constantly contradicts details … Read more

Role Play: Biblical Gender Roles

adam and eve2

One of the questions that remains in debate is the issue of the roles of men and women, or possibly lack of roles. How can one understand God’s design and purpose for humankind?

When God assigned tasks in Genesis 3 were they defined roles or consequences of the fall?

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