What Did Jesus Mean When He Said “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven”?

Thunderstorm at night

On it’s face, Jesus words, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven” seems to be referencing the fall of Satan. However, it’s more complex than one might imagine. For starters, the verses in the Bible that most people believe are about Satan, have nothing to do with him. Secondly, Jesus was not referring to … Read more

Co-Author of the ‘Left Behind’ Series, Tim LaHaye, Dies at age 90

Left Behind Tim LaHaye

Tim LaHaye, Dies at age 90 As reported by numerous outlets already, the famous Tim LaHaye suffered a severe stroke recently and has passed away at age 90. No doubt he has a life that will be honored and remembered. Many of the DOTB readers are not old enough to remember when Haye-day of the Left … Read more

Rick Wiles Claims The Bible Proves Obama Killed Supreme Court Justice Scalia

Rick Wiles

  This week on “Trunews,” End Times radio host Rick Wiles discussed “the possible occult connections” to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, whom he concluded was murdered by President Obama and was a human sacrifice to mark the pagan festival of Lupercalia. Wiles explained that the “Luciferian” “devil-worshipers” who control the government are out for … Read more

Warning!! More Demons Found In The CERN Beams!

Freedomfighter2127 found in the CERN beams

  If you have not been keeping up with the information coming out about the demons in the CERN beam watch the videos about them first. (–> Demons in the CERN beams <–) I also pasted the original video on top of the new one that I made with my new discoveries. CERN beam video … Read more

Apparently The CERN Hadron Collider Is The Gate To Hell

CERN Youtube clips about demons

Well now I’ve heard it all folks. I don’t run around in circles that get into conspiracy theories or dark rumors. But I was alerted to the claim in the title of this post by a friend on Instagram who claimed her mother received a word from God that more demons will be coming to … Read more

2015 Blood Moons Completed: Most Anticlimactic Apocalypse Yet.


Most Boring Dooms Day Yet It should come as no surprise that the latest dooms day culmination did not result in the planet spiraling into oblivion.  There have a slew of failed predictions from even well known Christians for centuries. Here is the short list. 90 CE: Clement of Rome predicted that the world end would occur … Read more