Apparently The CERN Hadron Collider Is The Gate To Hell

Well now I’ve heard it all folks. I don’t run around in circles that get into conspiracy theories or dark rumors. But I was alerted to the claim in the title of this post by a friend on Instagram who claimed her mother received a word from God that more demons will be coming to the earth via CERN in 2015.

It sounded a bit fanciful (or completely insane) to me so I googled various things that might come up with CERN being evil or being a gate to hell, etc. Turns out a lot of people believe demons are being released via CERN because of a few pictures released by the group. Below is some of the lunacy that I found on youtube.


The saddest thing about this is that these guys don’t even know what they looking at. This is an image of particles so small he cannot even fathom it’s size. Are we to believe that demons are the size of sub-atomic particles? Seriously?

Furthermore, it’s just a glob of particulate and I could connect the dots to form just about anything I wanted. Here are just a few I found. Feel free to make your own.








12 thoughts on “Apparently The CERN Hadron Collider Is The Gate To Hell”

  1. Men who are attempting to be God, even say they have erred.
    Only God is God and He created the universe. Man can never do what God did.
    Satan is always wanting to mock God, and is using scientists to do it.
    For every action there is an equal and OPPOSITE reaction. God acted and Satan reacted.
    God is the creator of heaven and earth, and in this instance, the reaction is not
    equal, just opposite. Satan cannot create, so he imitates, to his own evil destruction.
    Open your eyes to the truth and read the Bible book of Revelation.

  2. You may want to do your research directly from the Cern Institute. They do not hide the fact that they are trying to “bring something through” or “send something back”. They are trying to open another dimension. Not to mention everything this high collision crashes are doing to the earth.

      • So, these physicists are trying to re-create the conditions
        for the Big Bang, the initial explosion that possibly created the whole
        universe with such explosive force that it threw out stars and planets and
        matter that are still moving away from that explosive center
        billions of years later. These people must be blind to miss the insanity of
        what they’re attempting to do.

        • I would agree that there is a slight danger in what they are attempting but the amount of mass they are dealing with should not be enough to escape the collision chambers.

          But once again, I still don’t believe it’s a demon gate from hell.

          • I think there are valid points and references to the book of Revelation I think
            it is highly possible and just a lot of weird correlations to spirituality
            coming out of the CERN. I want to preference my next sentence by stating I’ve
            never been to your blog nor do I know about you and this is the first time I’ve
            ever commented on any blog. What I wanted to say was I think you first have to be
            a believer of Jesus and the Bible to go along with the theory this could be a
            gateway to hell. The Bible is clear in the last days it will be as in the days
            of Noah and that the nephalym (sp.?) will be on the earth again. So if you ask
            yourself how will that happen? Will it be the Cern? I don’t know but if you
            study the Cern and and what they’ve got going on there it’s all very
            weird. Did you know that the US started building one 3 times larger than the one in Switzerland? Yep. Right in Texas under Reagans administration. Just miles of tunnels now as the project was abandon. I have recently become very interested in the CERN. I have the app on my phone and get Google Alerts. You really have to weed through all the BS. The machine will be ungraded again in 2020 as if the velocity for smashing isn’t enough now.

          • Well Jody I am glad to be the first blog you’ve commented on.

            Now about the Bible. I can’t claim to know everything but I do have a master’s of divinity, so I know about as much as any other seminary graduate would if they went to an academic seminary.

            The mention of the Nephilim (ne-fil-eem [תפיל]) in the Bible only happens in the Old Testament. The title comes from the Hebrew word for “fallen.” Essentially they are the Fallen Ones.

            Some people have gotten the idea that they will return to the earth in the end times due to an ambiguous reference in Daniel 2:43

            “And in that you saw the iron mixed with common clay, they will combine with one another in the seed of men; but they will not adhere to one another, even as iron does not combine with pottery.”

            This could really mean a dozen different things. But note that the mention of the fallen ones or the Nephilim do not occur here. It is assumed by the readers.

            No where in the NT do these characters show up again unless the author is referring to past tenses.

            Hope this helps a little.

            I would also not that I am an electrical engineer by trade. That was my college degree and still my main career. I know enough physics to know that sub-atomic particle collisions are not going to open up a portal to hell.

            Besides that, there is no need for a portal to hell to even exist for demons to pass through since they are already here. Demons were possessing people even in the Bible and not a single Hadron Collider to be found in the Mediterranean.

            Cheers :)

        • That is actually a valid point. I read the Hawkins comments when they came out. If they do indeed create an uncontrollable black hole the we are all doomed.

          But I am not sure that has anything to do with people who believe CERN is somehow a portal for demons.


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