10 Reasons Why Pope Francis Is A Rock Star!


As with most pivotal figures in history they tend to attract almost as much hate as they do admiration. While it is entertaining to watch Stuart Varney whine about the Pope being the Pope, or Greg Gutfeld completely mischaracterize everything the Pope has ever said, it is also a bit sad. But the good news … Read more

The God Particle: Higgs Boson Found at CERN – Proving the Existence of God?


You might be hearing in the news right about now that a thing called the “God Particle” has been discovered, and many people believe it is proof that God exists….or at least that a God can exit. The particle is also known as a Higgs Boson, first proposed by Peter Higgs in the 1960’s.┬áThe CERN nuclear research facility has been looking for it for quite a while and believe it is the door for opening up a whole new way of understanding our universe, including space, time, and matter (not forgetting antimatter).

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Artificial Reproductive Technology and Christianity

Artificial reproduction

The basic question here is: how much technology is too much? How far should Christians go in order to bear children? At what point should we consider that maybe God did not want us to have children?

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