Top 5 Crazy Christians


If you have been a Christian who takes your faith serious then you might have puked up in the back of your throat a bit when Harold Camper convinced thousands of people to quit their jobs and prepare the world for the end of the universe. In fact, it seams like everyday that some “Christian” is making it big in the mainstream media for making a complete fools of themselves. Here are some of my favorites.

5. The Baptismal Diver


The part of this video that is shocking is not that people are dancing and running around the sanctuary. I’ve seen all that already. The shock is that about 1/2 way into this “worship” session, some guy purposefully jumps into the baptismal (presumably to cool off)?

It is a remarkable feature of modern worship. We curse the people who listen to rock music because the music “influences” them to do dumb things….and then we have worship music that apparently makes people want to swim in church.

4. This Unknown Lady


Hey! I know that lady! Ok that is a lie. I don’t know her. But I have met people just like her. In fact, most of us have. Especially if you come from a pentecostal or non-mainline denomination. This particular lady was having such a good time that she HAD to get up and partner with the preacher….either that or her restless leg syndrome was giving her fits.

3. Dorothy Spaulding (The club 36 Lady)

Dorothy is a truly inspiring woman….to some. To most, though, she is just another crazy televangelist. She hosts the 36 Club, in which they talk about all things Christian, including how to keep your kids from going to hell for playing Pokemon or watching the Smurfs. I always knew something wasn’t quite right with that show….besides the fact that only one female existed in the whole town.

2. The Crazy Wife Swap God Warrior (Marguerite Perrin)



Marguerite Perrin is all that is wrong with the Christian world. She is the reason why normal people hate Christians. Not only is her behavior completely hateful, but she is so disconnected from the world that she actually thinks that somehow all Americans are supposed to know God and be church goers. She is completely aghast that the family (no surprise to us though) that she got stuck with a family into New Age theology.

The best part of the Perrin madness is when she rips up the Satanic money from the producers and claims that she does not want it. Then, later decides (off camera) that she will, in fact, accept the money. Some of which went to pay for her to get a gastric bypass performed. Which of course is good because I was starting to worry that this fine Christian woman was suffering from possession by the gluttony demon.

1. Anyone From Westboro Baptist Church (Especially Fred Phelps)



Not much can really be added to the WBC conversation. They are the most vile and hateful people on the planet and they do it with a smile! You only have to watch 30 seconds of the video to know that WBC will eventually implode and disappear on the simple fact that inbreeding will eventually take them all.


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Crazy Christians”

  1. Perin has to be my favorite, that girl is Crazy with a capital C. I feel bad for her family in the show because you know after appearing on that show, the kids at school probably made their life miserable… Then again, maybe she was already known as the crazy lady in town and that show was just the icing on the cake?

    • I know that if it were already known that she was crazy that kids at school would have not given them as much of a hard time because the children can join them in making fun of “crazy old mom.”

      But if that’s not the case, those kids were in for some real issues at school.

      the SADDEST part of this whole thing is that her husband stood by and watched it happen! What a weak spineless man.


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