5 Craziest Things That Actually Happened In A Church Service

Let’s have a conversation about how crazy churches be getting these days. Here are 5 things that should never happen in a church service ever again.

5. The Baptismal Diver

This is a truly unique event where someone might have gotten a bit excited about their need to be baptized.

4. Choir Director Twerking

I am not against dancing in church when it is appropriate. Heck, even some strange interpretive dance I would let slide. But I can’t have it from the choir director and I certainly can’t have it be twerking!

3. Pastor Strikes Young Girl In Church

I wish that this guy fell into disgrace after this but Pastor David Oyedepo is one of the wealthiest pastors in history, valued at over 150 MILLION dollars this year. Here is the footage.

2. Guy Gets Delivered From Being Gay

While I rejoice in the fact that this guy supposedly got delivered, I cringe on the way he decided to express it. I am not sure anything can prepare you for this video. You just gotta watch it.

1. Interpretive Sexy Dance

I don’t even know what to say about this other than ‘why did no one make her go home and change?’


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