Westboro Baptist Church Will Be Picketing The Inauguration

Fred Phelps Sr.

Perhaps nothing can stop the faithful servants at WBC. Here is one of the senior members preparing for the inauguration of Donald Trump. Picking which Bible signs to hold for #DonaldTrump’s #Inauguration. The struggle is real. A video posted by Westboro Baptist Church (@wbcloves) on Jan 18, 2017 at 2:13pm PST

Should Christians Hate The Reprobates?

Love Your Enemies

I am sure that the first question is not whether or not Christian’s should hate anyone but rather, what in the world is a reprobate? That’s a valid question. A reprobate is a person with a lack of morals and principles. The reason why you don’t know what a reprobate is, is because no one … Read more

Top 5 Crazy Christians

Perrin crazy christian god warrior


If you have been a Christian who takes your faith serious then you might have puked up in the back of your throat a bit when Harold Camper convinced thousands of people to quit their jobs and prepare the world for the end of the universe. In fact, it seams like everyday that some “Christian” is making it big in the mainstream media for making a complete fools of themselves. Here are some of my favorites.

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