In 2017 Jim Bakker Predicted That Trump Impeachment Would Trigger Christian Civil War…… Will He Repent From His Prediction When It Fails?

Jim Bakker Predict Civil War After Impeachment

Back in 2017 I pointed out that the disgraced televangelist, Jim Bakker, was making the prediction that if Trump were to be impeach Christians would start a civil war. This came after the guest on his program brought up a prophecy by Kim Clement which stated Trump would be threatened with impeachment but it would … Read more

Wayne Grudem Thinks “Voting for Donald Trump Is a Morally Good Choice”

Trump with the Bible

Today the first thing I saw in my news feed was that Wayne Grudem, the famed author of Systematic Theology, has decided that as Christians we have a moral obligation to vote for Donald J. Trump. I am deeply saddened that this has happened but we live in a democracy and he’s allowed to endorse anyone … Read more

Donald Trump’s Christian Policy Advisor, Frank Amedia, Is A TV Faith Healer

Frank Amedia

As the media echo-chamber begins to sound the alarm on Trumps “Christian Policy Advisor” we are learning more and more about how crazy Pastor Frank Amedia is. He’s not just crazy, he’s fake. He’s as fake as every TV preacher you’ve ever seen, trying to take money from the poorest people in society. Frank Amedia … Read more

Trump Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Communion Tray And An Offering Tray

Trump Not So Sure Which Plate To Use

  As I pointed out previously, in January, Donald Trump does not attend church nor does he read his Bible. More evidence of this claim has surfaced this week after spending a weekend in Iowa before the big primary. He attended First Christian Church, in Council Bluffs. According to observers and Trump himself, he did … Read more

Donald Trump Proves He’s Never Read The Bible Nor Attended Church

Donald Trump at Liberty University

  If you had any curiosity about Trump’s Christian values, wonder no more. After an interesting speech at Liberty University on January 18th, he proved to the audience that he neither understood how to read book numbers nor that he can read at an adult level of competency. What’s even worse was that it was obvious that … Read more