Disgraced Televangelist, Jim Bakker, Predicts That Trump Impeachment Would Trigger Christian Civil War

Another week, another TV charlatan preacher saying crazy things. Jim Bakker is an old-school televangelist that helped get shows like PLT & TBN off the ground back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. After sex, fraud, and accounting scandals plagued him in the mid-80’s he was sentences to 45 years in prison. He was … Read more

North Carolina Church Charged With Luring Foreign Men Into Slave Labor With Promise of American Brides

Word of Faith Fellowship

The Word of Faith Fellowship cult is in trouble once again after allegations surfaced of over 2 decades of abuse directed at foreign immigrants who were imported for the purpose of slave labor, allegedly. WOFF was previously in trouble for the alleged abuse of a gay church member who’s trial has recently been started. The … Read more

North Carolina Cult, Word of Faith Fellowship, Finally Starting Trial For Abuse Allegations


Headlines are circling¬†this week about the trial finally getting underway over the 2013 Matthew Fenner abuse allegations. According to allegations, Matthew Fenner was a member and attending a Bible study at Word of Faith Fellowship, in North Carolina, when he was attacked and abused by several church members. According to Fenner, he was beaten, kicked, … Read more

10 Signs Your Church Is Actually A Cult

Jesus People

1. The leadership is opposed to critical thinking or independent behavior (if you’re not with us, you’re against us) The greatest threat to power are followers who have the will to follow their own thoughts and instincts. In order for a cult leader to have the ability to keep a grip on the cult he … Read more

No, Hillary Is Not A Satanist, But Spirit Cooking Is As Weird And Cultic As It Sounds

Thanks to the email dumps over at Wikileaks we have¬†learned that John Podesta is good friends with Marina Abramovic and apparently she is one freaky woman. Initially the story was broke by the major misinformation outlets like InfoWars and Drudge but even a broke clock is right twice a day. However, I must first say … Read more