Practical Tips: How to be a Wise Decision Maker


Practical Tips: How to be a Wise Decision Maker Lighthearted comedian Gabriel Iglesias has several stand-up comedy specials. The latest one (2016) is called “I’m Sorry for What I Said When I was Hungry.” The title stood out to me, for some reason, and I started thinking about the truth of it. How often do … Read more

Why Me? – Seeing God in Life’s Difficulties

let down by vhm_alex

Why Me? “There’s a lesson in everything.”  I keep discovering how right my godmother was when she told me things like this (but my inner teenager is still rolling her eyes).  I’ve written about my struggle with mental illness (anxiety and clinical depression).  An important coping mechanism is learning how to process strong emotions so … Read more

A Lesson in Compassion (and Dealing with Difficult People)


A Lesson in Compassion Her words made me so angry I couldn’t see straight. (For the sake of this article, let’s call this person Leigh Ann.) I wanted to return Leigh Ann’s unkind words and make her hurt.  It seemed like every time I saw her, she would make harsh comments about my weight or … Read more

Uplifting News (1/27/2017)

Uplifting News (1/25/2017) Rescued Elephants Get Giant Sweaters to Keep Them Warm “Wildlife SOS, a nonprofit wildlife and conservation organization based in India…staff members designed and created the sweaters for the elephants at its Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India.” (Source: Waitress Pays Kind Diners’ Bill, Gets Free Dental Work In Return Paying … Read more

How To Keep Sane With Social Media and 24/7 News

Keeping sanity and mental health with social media

Mental Health, Social Media, and 27/7 News Having a smart phone has brought some positive changes to my personal life. I can easily access directions when I’m lost – instead of wandering aimlessly around back country roads. I can promote the jewelry items I sell on Etsy on Instagram and Twitter. I can see pictures … Read more

What Christians with Depression Might not Tell You

Sitting under a tree

What Christians with depression  might not tell you I first had symptoms of depression when I was 13 years old. I can remember the actual day that a heavy weight settled on my mind, and it’s been with me to some degree since then. I’ve learned to deal with depression with the help of qualified … Read more