In 2017 Jim Bakker Predicted That Trump Impeachment Would Trigger Christian Civil War…… Will He Repent From His Prediction When It Fails?

Back in 2017 I pointed out that the disgraced televangelist, Jim Bakker, was making the prediction that if Trump were to be impeach Christians would start a civil war. This came after the guest on his program brought up a prophecy by Kim Clement which stated Trump would be threatened with impeachment but it would not pass. Kim cannot address his “prophecy” because he is no longer among the living. However, Jim is alive and well. Will he repent when his prophecy fails? I highly doubt it. His followers won’t even remember his words. The ones who will remember won’t care.

At this point I must admit that I have not kept up on the Jim Bakker prepper shows, so it is possible that he has issued a differing prediction since 2017. These televangelist types tend to change their minds a lot which is funny since they claim to be speaking for God. I do know that sometime this year Jim also predicted that Democrats would attempt to assassinate Trump if the impeachment fails. Thus, we have a prediction if the impeachment fails and a prediction if it passes. It seems as though Jim is covering all his bases.

I suppose the big question is whether or not Jim is expecting a civil war immediately after the impeachment or just sometime during Trump’s term as president…..Either way, I have a prediction of my own.

Nothing will happen. Trump will pound his fists and tweet on the twitter. His followers will do the same. The rest of the USA will carry on with life and elect a new president in 2020 or even re-elect Trump in 2020. But no civil war will be taking place.


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