Disgraced Televangelist, Jim Bakker, Predicts That Trump Impeachment Would Trigger Christian Civil War

Another week, another TV charlatan preacher saying crazy things.

Jim Bakker is an old-school televangelist that helped get shows like PLT & TBN off the ground back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. After sex, fraud, and accounting scandals plagued him in the mid-80’s he was sentences to 45 years in prison. He was released much sooner than his 45 year sentences, being released early in 1994, serving only 8 years.

He now makes a living selling “prepper” supplies for people preparing for Armageddon. Among the top sellers are 5 gallon buckets of various soups, pastas, and other inedible looking creations. Among the many non-food items are pretty standard everyday items that are marked up and advertised as “survival” type devices. Here are a few examples.


Fire starters and Belt Generic Store Items

If you had any doubt about what this guy is about, his deeds include, mail fraud, selling fake lifetime memberships to a resort that he owned, paying hush-money to the church secretary that he slept with, and lying about funding his resort, Heritage USA. Like most televangelists, rather than owning up to his mistakes, he and his fellow TV preachers went on to over-emphasize forgiveness and blame the devil, not the man who did the deeds.

He is often seen making outrageous predictions, which he calls prophecy, and weaseling his way out once they fail to come true…. the hallmark of a con-artist preacher.

Why Jim’s Wrong About trump

I suppose we should also address Jim’s crazy claim about Trump. I have a few questions for Jim on this matter.

First, at what point did Christians become the group that would be supporting Trump against the logical opponent (the left)? So far Trump has not done anything to give Christians a reason to back him and he’s nearing an almost impossible, sub-30 point approval rating. This is a problem since Trump only had 58% of the Christian voting block in 2016, which means he has even less support at the current moment. If Christians make up 70% of the US population but only about 40% of them actually support Trump, how is that going to cause a civil war? Even in the event that they wanted a war, they are still missing close to 50% of their own base…… on the numbers alone it’s absurd.

Additionally, on what grounds would this war be waged? What would actually be at stake? What is to be won or lost by the battle? There is no actual or theoretical goal of the stated civil war. If the Christians are going to rise up and cause a civil war, then is the inevitable result going to be a theocratic dictatorship? What can possibly be gained by a civil war? The answer of course is nothing. Nothing would be gained. Without an actual cause no war will be waged by any group of any kind.

Lastly, I would like to know if Jim Bakker will retire if his prediction fails. We all heard it straight from the horses mouth. It was God’s prophetic word. So if it fails then obviously he doesn’t hear from God, nor does his companions. So, would you please admit that you just made it all up to sell nuclear resistant corn bread and soup?

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