5 Popular Sermon Myths That Need Burned At The Stake

Exposing Bad Preaching

  Sermon Myth #1 The eye of the needle was a gate in Jerusalem The Sermon Myth There is a sermon illustration that is usually paired with Matthew 19:23-24 and Mark 10:25, where Jesus said, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24 Again I tell you, it … Read more

Pastor Rick Wiles Believes Pokemon Go Is Full Of Cyber Demons

Pokemon Go Demons

If you have not heard yet, Pokemon Go is the hottest app on the market and some people believe that the Pokemon are demonic. I wish that this were not the case but it is. https://youtu.be/fqfn-5noxpc Normally I would refute crazy claims from pastors like Rick Wiles but I highly doubt anyone is taking the … Read more

Is the Bible Inerrant?

Words of the Lord are pure

For most Christians the issue of biblical inerrancy is just a give-in. Of course the Bible is free of error, that’s how we know it’s from God…… or is it? In order to understand biblical inerrancy we must examine two things, 1) the theology of biblical inerrancy and 2) whether or not the bible has errors. … Read more

What’s Really Wrong With Kids These Days?

Teenager Traveling

If I had a penny for every time a youth pastor has been asked “what’s wrong with the kids these days” …. well I guess I’d just have a stockpile of useless coins that contain no value in tender or metal. Either way, I am tired of hearing this question because the same people asking this … Read more

Translation Errors In The KJV: Matthew 21:42 (What kind of stone?)

Greek Fragment

I was not planning on writing about the KJV any time soon since I had just mentioned in it a post recently. However, no more than a few hours after I was accosted by a gentleman at a wedding who felt the need of convincing me the error of my ways, in not using the … Read more

What Is The Apocalypse Of James?

Martyrdom Of Saint James

The “Gospel of James,” can confuse a lot of people, not realizing that there is a different between the Gospel of James and the Apocalypse of James. This mistake is quite understandable but there are large differences between the two texts. The Apocalypse of James is a letter full of secrets that Jesus communicated to James; at … Read more