Translation Errors In The King James Version: Psalm 145 (Where’s the Nun?)


Psalm 145 (Acrostic is missing the NUN) An acrostic is an artistic way of writing by which each line or successive section of text starts with the next letter of the alphabet. A basic acrostic would look like this example. A – Another T – Translation E – Error The difference between Hebrew and modern … Read more

Translation Errors In The KJV: Matthew 21:42 (What kind of stone?)

Greek Fragment

I was not planning on writing about the KJV any time soon since I had just mentioned in it a post recently. However, no more than a few hours after I was accosted by a gentleman at a wedding who felt the need of convincing me the error of my ways, in not using the … Read more

5 Reasons The King James Version Only Movement Is Completely Nuts


Let me get one thing straight before I even start this list. There is nothing wrong with wanting to read the KJV. The problem is when fanatics try to force other people to read it because they have been convinced that the new translations are evil because the translators are “changing” the Bible. However, the King Jame Bible on your shelf right now is not the same as the original 1611 KJV. In fact, the 1611 KJV Bible that you can buy on amazon or any other Bible store is still not the same as the real 1611 King James.

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