Pastor Rick Wiles Believes Pokemon Go Is Full Of Cyber Demons

Pokemon Go Demons

If you have not heard yet, Pokemon Go is the hottest app on the market and some people believe that the Pokemon are demonic. I wish that this were not the case but it is. Normally I would refute crazy claims from pastors like Rick Wiles but I highly doubt anyone is taking the … Read more

Rick Wiles Claims The Bible Proves Obama Killed Supreme Court Justice Scalia

Rick Wiles

  This week on “Trunews,” End Times radio host Rick Wiles discussed “the possible occult connections” to the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, whom he concluded was murdered by President Obama and was a human sacrifice to mark the pagan festival of Lupercalia. Wiles explained that the “Luciferian” “devil-worshipers” who control the government are out for … Read more