What Is The Gospel Of James?

Saint James, Brother of Jesus

About: Spend enough time in ancient Christian literature and you will run across a short gospel account usually called the “Infancy Gospel” or “Proto-evangelism of James.” This gospel is dated to the 2nd Century, about 145 CE. The earliest known manuscript is a papyrus dating to the third or early 4th century, was found in 1958; … Read more

The Absurd History Of Papal Edicts Concerning Jews

Jews Identified By Yellow Hats Being Burned At The Stake During Inquisition

For those who do not spend much time studying church history (I’m no expert) it might seem strange that Christians would have any problems with the Jews since the first Christian church was all Jewish. However, the way the Jews were treated by the Christians over history seems a bit unchristian. To make matters worse, often … Read more

Was Jesus Born In A Stable, Cave, Or Home?

Lebrun Adoration Of The Shepherds

Like many of our Christian traditions, the nativity story is filled with both scripture and cultural assumptions. So, as we begin let us re-read the scripture to refresh our memories with the nativity scene. The version below is a fairly standard one, keeping the old wording of Jesus being born in a manger because there … Read more

Keeping The Krampus In Christmas

Krampus painting header with text

Here in America people are already freaking out about the war on Christmas and how the evil liberal atheists are white-washing any form of Christianity from our culture. Meanwhile, over in Germany and other parts of Europe Krampus (Belsnickel) is making an epic comeback into pop culture. Who is Krampus Krampus is the companion and … Read more