Who Was Ishtar and What is Her Connection to Easter?

Old-Babylonian Plaque of Ishtar

By now, many people are aware that Ishtar has nothing to do with Easter. However, there are still a number of Bible teachers, such as Chick.com and LastTrumpetMinistries who preach that Easter is derived from the cult of Ishtar. Is there a reason for this myth? What about the Easter symbols, like bunnies and eggs? … Read more

Origins of Easter [Where does Easter really come from?]


    If you ever wondered what bunnies and eggs have to do with Easter then you are not alone. Many have tried to connect Easter to various spring time celebrations and fertility festivals that have appeared in various cultures. The most popular Easter myth is that it stems from the festival dedicated to the … Read more

Good News!


Need a pick-me up?  Check out these recent uplifting news stories from around the world! The world’s largest nativity According to the BBC, the town of Calne, Wiltshire in the UK set a new world record for the largest live nativity scene. A crowd of 1,254 people gathered on December 4, 2016. The event was … Read more

Why Do We Call Jesus Immanuel?


We all know the Christmas song, O Come O Come Emmanuel but what exactly does Immanuel mean? Why don’t we just say Jesus? The answer we surprisingly simple. Origin of Immanuel The use of Immanuel is best known from the OT prophet Isaiah who prophesied to Israel when tgey were in years of war and … Read more