Translation Errors In The King James Version: Acts 19:37 (Robbers of what?)

Jerusalem Temple

Some of the translation errors in the KJV are actually a bit baffling. This particular translation error is one of those. It appears like the translators purposefully mistranslated the Greek word “ἱερόσυλος“. Here are the various translations. For ye haue brought hither these men, which are neither robbers of Churches, nor yet blasphemers of your … Read more

Translation Errors In The King James Version: Psalm 145 (Where’s the Nun?)


Psalm 145 (Acrostic is missing the NUN) An acrostic is an artistic way of writing by which each line or successive section of text starts with the next letter of the alphabet. A basic acrostic would look like this example. A – Another T – Translation E – Error The difference between Hebrew and modern … Read more

What Is The Apocalypse Of James?

Martyrdom Of Saint James

The “Gospel of James,” can confuse a lot of people, not realizing that there is a different between the Gospel of James and the Apocalypse of James. This mistake is quite understandable but there are large differences between the two texts. The Apocalypse of James is a letter full of secrets that Jesus communicated to James; at … Read more

What Is The Gospel Of James?

Saint James, Brother of Jesus

About: Spend enough time in ancient Christian literature and you will run across a short gospel account usually called the “Infancy Gospel” or “Proto-evangelism of James.” This gospel is dated to the 2nd Century, about 145 CE. The earliest known manuscript is a papyrus dating to the third or early 4th century, was found in 1958; … Read more

King Hezekiah’s Ring Discovered In Trash Heap

Hezekiahs seal

Seal of King Hezekiah Discovered in Jerusalem A 2,700-year-old signet bulla bearing the name of king Hezekiah (727–698 BCE) has been discovered in excavations by Temple Mount in Jerusalem.Though other sings with his name has been found this one is unique. The signets of the kings were placed in a ring typically and used to imprint the … Read more

Where Archaeology Meets The Bible: Neo Babylonian Period [626 – 529 BCE]

This is now the 5th installment of “Where Archaeology Meets The Bible”. The previous installments can be found below in chronological order. #1 Kassite Period [1600-1160 BCE]. #2 Middle Babylonian Period [1000 – 625 BCE]. #3 Middle Babylonian Period [1000 – 625 BCE]. #4 Middle Babylonian Period [1000 – 625 BCE]. Below I will be examining a number of texts from … Read more