Christian Assault Rifles Now For Sale; Metal Jackets For Jesus

Crusader Rifle

Guns and Bibles! Welcome to conservative America. Spike’s Tactical in Florida is selling a $1,400 assault rifle called the Crusader. On the side of the gun is printed Psalm 144:1. “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.” While I personally do not view Christianity as a … Read more

Jerks Of The Bible Series | Entry #1: Absalom

Absalom the Awesome

We often associate the Biblical characters with vast amounts of piety and holiness. We think of guys like Moses who parted the Red Sea (or possibly Sea of Reeds). And what about Joshua the brave? He courageously entered the promised land, leading the Israelites into a victorious battle for the land flowing with milk and honey. These are fun people to explore. But this is dedicated to the other fun sub-set of Bible characters; The Jerks!

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