Stuff You Don’t Have To Pray About

 One time visiting a friend in Texas, many years ago, I saw a book in the house called “Stuff You Don’t Have To Pray About.” It was written for teens and was a list of things that Christians did not need to pray about because the answers were already in the Bible. I thought it … Read more

Umpqua (UCC) Shooter Singled Out Christians: “You are about to see your God.”

Anastasia Boylan

As information comes out about the shooting from the survivors it seems as though this attack was targeted at a specific demographic. One victim, Anastasia Boylan, who survived by playing dead from being shot, reported that the gunman asked the Christian’s to stand up. When he entered the room he () shot the teacher in point … Read more

Christian Assault Rifles Now For Sale; Metal Jackets For Jesus

Crusader Rifle

Guns and Bibles! Welcome to conservative America. Spike’s Tactical in Florida is selling a $1,400 assault rifle called the Crusader. On the side of the gun is printed Psalm 144:1. “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.” While I personally do not view Christianity as a … Read more