Ernest Angley’s Grace Cathedral Ordered To Pay $388,000 By DOL In Unpaid Labor Investigation

Rev Ernest Angley

As reported by multiple news outlets today, Ernest Angley and the buffet associated with his church has been ordered to pay out back wages to employees that were coerced into working for free. This is actually the second time that the buffet was investigated by the Department of Labor and found to be in violation of … Read more

Quiz: Am I In A Cult?

Is your church a cult?

This quiz will provide an analogue answer. The closer to 100%, the more severe the cult is. UPDATE: 10/4/2017 – Some adjustments were made to make questions more clear. The results also had wording adjusted as the results were slightly too skewed towards cult. Your feedback is welcome. If the test needs adjusted please comment … Read more

What Christians with Depression Might not Tell You

Sitting under a tree

What Christians with depression  might not tell you I first had symptoms of depression when I was 13 years old. I can remember the actual day that a heavy weight settled on my mind, and it’s been with me to some degree since then. I’ve learned to deal with depression with the help of qualified … Read more

Should Christians Follow The Mosaic Law?

Moses with the tablets

Many well-meaning Christians today still believe that we need to follow the OT (Mosaic) law to be Christians. From the rise of the Hebrew Roots movement we are seeing a host people trying to convince Christians to run back to the OT law. However, the witness of the New Testament and also of Jesus puts that … Read more

Christian Blogger Tells Story Of Daughter’s Marriage To A Black Man; Internet Loses their Collective Minds

interracial wedding

I do not write for the Gospel Coalition website even though they accept bloggers and writers from many various backgrounds. Over-all they do a great job. However, a blogger recently got something published by TGC that has sent the media and many on the internet into a rage. Was it justified? I think the reaction … Read more

Controversial Mega-Church Pastor Removed From Position

Perry Noble

Breaking News on Perry Noble As of July 1st, Perry Noble will no longer be Sr. Pastor of NewSpring Church, in Anderson South Carolina. Though the church was started in Noble’s apartment as a Bible study, in 2000, the church leadership has decided that it’s best to remove him from service, due to problems related … Read more