Controversial Mega-Church Pastor Removed From Position

Breaking News on Perry Noble

As of July 1st, Perry Noble will no longer be Sr. Pastor of NewSpring Church, in Anderson South Carolina. Though the church was started in Noble’s apartment as a Bible study, in 2000, the church leadership has decided that it’s best to remove him from service, due to problems related to alcohol use. Noble’s first church service after leaving the apartment was with 115 people and the church quickly grew to thousands. Church membership currently sits at 8,000 people.

The details of Nobel’s struggle with alcohol are still forthcoming but it’s been said that his wife, Lucritia, was in agreement on removing him from his position. Nobel has expressed grief and remorse over this struggle and admits that he had lost site of Jesus.

“I’ve come to depend on alcohol instead of Jesus. No one is more disappointed in me than I am in myself,”

In addition to his recent struggles with alcohol, just over a year ago Noble surprised everyone with the admission that he had been taking anti-depressants since 2012 to fight anxiety. He said his struggle with anxiety and depression began in 2008. It is unclear what he will be doing in the future as he comes to terms with his anxiety and drinking issues.

What Now?

I am sad that one of my favorite preachers has fell victim to flesh. I do not just mean alcohol but also anxiety and depression. Often pastors are embarrassed of such problems and they try to hide it so they don’t lose their jobs or church members. But holding things inside rarely make them go away. Sadly, Noble was not able to get the help he needed before the issues reached critical mass.

I encourage all of the DOTB readers to pray for Perry. He has been a source of truth (even if it’s controversial truth) and of conviction for many Christians, myself included. He is not and has never been ashamed of the gospel or his faith and has be a proud promoter of the gospel. He has given many sacrifices for his ministry and he deserves to get some rest now so the Lord can build him back up.

This is not a time to kick a man while he is down. Let’s all join in praying for perry as he seeks to recover and restore the pieces of his life that have gotten out of order.


[Featured image from the NewSpring Youtube channel]

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