True Faith – The Anabaptist Martyrs [FELIX MANTZ, A. D. 1526]


Mantz was a follower of the famous Swiss reformer, Huldrych Zwingli. Zwingli was a Catholic priest who decided that the Catholic church needed to be reformed. Like many reformers in the early days, Swingli did not necessarily want to leave the church as much as he wanted to reform it and fix it’s problems. However, … Read more

4 Insane Ways The Catholic And Protestant Churches Dealt With The Anabaptists

anabaptist martyrs

For those not familiar with the term Anabaptist, it is a title given to the Christians that believed Baptism should done as an adult when one made the free choice to follow Christ. They were hated by the Catholic church for baptizing adults and also hated by the protestant churches for many reasons, including baptism. … Read more