Have Tongues Ceased As John MacArthur Argues?

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Until recently I never really spent much time thinking about whether or not the gifts of the spirit, specifically tongues, have ceased. But that changed once I got familiar with the Reformed movement and the Calvinists. As it turns out some believe that “The Perfect” is referring to the Bible and they believe this because it is vital … Read more

Did Jesus Drink Wine Or Grape Juice?


A number of Christian denominations believe that Jesus never consumed alcohol. Despite the fact that the NT never claimed that Jesus refrained from drinking alcohol, many believe that it would be wrong for Him to drink because He was supposed to be sinless. However, responsible alcohol drinking was never called a sin in the Bible, … Read more

Jesus, Yeshua, or Iesous?

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Until this week I had no idea that this was a controversial issue. However, with the rise of churches trying to get in touch with the Hebrew roots of Christianity it is becoming more and more popular to hear people pronounce the Jesus in a Hebrew/Aramaic form. Some people (mostly KJVO types) believe that this … Read more