Jesus Christ Is My Nigga [Rap Video]

Jim and Mary Sue Colerick

  According to what research could be done on this video no one knows if it’s legit. Either way, it’s worth watching! Hope you enjoy “Jesus Christ is My Nigga.” Lyrics – Jesus Christ Is My Nigga Well I wrote this song for the christian youth I wanna teach kids, the christian truth If you … Read more

A Great Song By William Tapley – “Doom & Gloom” (Third Eagle’s Tune)

doom and gloom william Tapley

There are a few times when I am truly in awe of someone’s total lack of self-awareness… is one of my favorites!   In case you are not aware of who  Mr. William Tapley is just yet, I recommend you check out his youtube channel and even request a copy of his free book “Revelation … Read more

Top 5 Crazy Christians

Perrin crazy christian god warrior


If you have been a Christian who takes your faith serious then you might have puked up in the back of your throat a bit when Harold Camper convinced thousands of people to quit their jobs and prepare the world for the end of the universe. In fact, it seams like everyday that some “Christian” is making it big in the mainstream media for making a complete fools of themselves. Here are some of my favorites.

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Finally, Proof That Jesus Is Real!

Jesus toast

Every once in a while landmark discoveries appear that confirm that either the Bible is the Word of God, or that Christians have evidence to support their faith. Please enjoy these videos.

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