New Site Feature: Create Your Own Memes


If you’ve been around DOTB for a while you already know how much we love memes and digital media. We are not presenting the beta phase of our own meme generating page. You can find it under the meme option in the main menu or click the link below. Create Awesome Christian Memes Features Preloaded … Read more

Christian Memes – Starter Pack Edition


If you don’t mind having a laugh about the unique characteristics our own religion then this collection of memes are for you. This collection will be made up of “stater pack” memes. Christian Starter Pack Memes

Christian Memes Special Edition: @memesforjesus Collection


Sometime we create memes. Sometimes they are sent to us. Today I want to highlight a group that have consistently been making fresh memes. This set of memes all came from @memesforJesus. You can follow at the link accordingly. @memesforJesus – Igram @memesforJesus – Tumblr @memesforJesus – Twitter @memesforJesus – Facebook

Let There Be Laughter


As many DOTB readers already, we appreciate humor of all sorts. We even poke fun at our own beliefs and Christian practices. It’s healthy and it causes reflection. That is why we are presenting a collection of great cartoons by Mark Frontczak and About Sparrow Cartoons Sparrowcartoons have been around for a while in one … Read more