Should Christians Let Their Kids Believe In Santa?

Should christians teach kids about Santa

With the war over Christmas raging already I was wondering if it mattered at all if Christian children believed in Santa. I personally stopped believing in Santa about age 6. I waited up all night for 2 years straight in stake-out and no one ever came. And my mother’s wrapping paper was suspiciously the same … Read more

10 People You Will Meet Or Already Have Met At Church

Creepy Hugger

I consider myself  to be a bit of a denominational mutt. I grew up in the Catholic school system, converted to charismatic non-denominational-ism when I was 16, and worked for a Presbyterian and a Lutheran church in my 20’s. I’ve been to Southern Baptist churches, Brethren, Church of  Christ, Methodist, American Baptist, Pentecostal, AG, and just about all the rest in my early Christian walk. However, I have noticed that in all the denominations, it is mostly just the theology that changes. The people are always the same……always.

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