The God Particle: Higgs Boson Found at CERN – Proving the Existence of God?

You might be hearing in the news right about now that a thing called the “God Particle” has been discovered, and many people believe it is proof that God exists….or at least that a God can exit. The particle is also known as a Higgs Boson, first proposed by Peter Higgs in the 1960’s. The CERN nuclear research facility has been looking for it for quite a while and believe it is the door for opening up a whole new way of understanding our universe, including space, time, and matter (not forgetting antimatter).

So what is this particle?
The so called God particle is a sub-atomic particle that is believed to be cornerstone or main building block of the universe and all matter as we know it. The particle acts as molasses within the universe and is the reason why objects have mass….which would also explain why we have gravity….which also means it would explain time as well. That is one reason why it is called the “God particle.”

I know that might be disappointing for some of you who thought that somehow this particle would actually prove that God exists. However, that is not why it is called the God particle. Like God it has been elusive hard to prove its existence, hence the nick-name. It is not called the God particle because it is pro-God.

So, what does this mean for Christians and science?
It’s actually not a good thing for Christians in the short term. If this particle exists and behaves in the way scientists thinks it does, it would explain how the messy gob of energy that existed before the big bang developed mass, thereby forming matter. What that means is that scientists are one step closer to proving the theory of the big bang.

The good news:
The good news is that the Bible does not have to agree or disagree with science in order to “prove” God’s existence. Genesis was not a scientific document. It was a story developed to explain who God is, what he is like, and how we relate to him. Does that mean that God didn’t create the world? No…goodness no. Even if the big bang can be proven to be true, it does not mean that God wasn’t the one that made it all happen. After all, where did that energy and/or matter come from?

The science answer is “its always been there,” which is fun because that is a major problem that people have with God…He defies time and space (maybe because he created it)! Thus, proving the big bang actually might get us closer to proving that beings without origin (God) can exist.

The other good news is that there is scientific evidence that God may exist. For more on this, lookup the string theory on youtube and google and you will enjoy your findings.

SPECIAL NOTE: Laminin is NOT proof of God. Louie Giglio is either lying about his scientist friend or his friend has no credentials. Laminin looks nothing like a cross in real life. The drawing he displays is a scientific diagram, that is drawn in a way to make the elements readable. Here is what Laminin looks like is its natural form.


2 thoughts on “The God Particle: Higgs Boson Found at CERN – Proving the Existence of God?”

  1. Science shows us how GOD works. How His miracles are created from any and all things He created. (ie a volcano destroyed Sodom) He created the volcano and used it to perform the ‘miracle’. Logical conclusions seem to escape some scientists. They ‘believe’ the Higgs/Boson eliminates the existence of GOD, the important term is “Believe”. The particle exists because of Intelligent Design. They would have us believe the particle just exists all by itself, that it has always been there without any creation……that IS the description of GOD, which they have dismissed because it is not scientific. It seems to be correct if they say it, but irrelevant if used to describe GOD. They cannot have it both ways!

    • I think science and religion both have the same problem…. explaining how anything could come to exist from nothing. That includes God, who, by definition, is something. The fact of the matter (pun intended) is that nothing is a concept and not a fact. Nothing has never existed. Something has always existed, whether it’s God or just matter. The infinite universe allows either theory to be true. If the universe is timeless then evolution and the natural formation of the cosmos is possible. Likewise, a deity also becomes possible, assuming that deity arose from a near-endless cycle of evolution.


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