10 Reasons Why Pope Francis Is A Rock Star!

As with most pivotal figures in history they tend to attract almost as much hate as they do admiration. While it is entertaining to watch Stuart Varney whine about the Pope being the Pope, or Greg Gutfeld completely mischaracterize everything the Pope has ever said, it is also a bit sad.

But the good news is, almost no-one under age 60 cares about what Fox News has to say about anything. Which is great since they seem to be his biggest critics. Here below, I wanted to assemble and start a conversation on all the reasons people love this Pope. After all, you don’t get to be Time Magazine’s Man of the Year by accident!

For those who don’t like lists and don’t like to read…. here are some videos just for you :)

For the rest you, let the list begin!!

10. Pope Francis Washes Prisoner’s Feet

Pope Franics Kisses FootLet me be clear here. Pope Francis is not just washing sinner’s feet; he is kissing them after. Possibly the most humbling thing a person can do. Keep in mind that Catholics believe the Pope is literally infallible. The man is God’s leader for the Church; and he is bowing down to wash and kiss sinner’s feet. If this isn’t a representation of Jesus I don’t know what is.



9. Pope Francis Says NO To Pope Riches

Pope mobileI am aware that many people believe that riches are a sign of God’s blessing. Although, I am not sure why God chooses to bless so many evil men with riches. Seems counter-productive. Either way, Pope Francis did away with the old bullet proof Mercedes Pope-Mobile and is completely comfortable in an ordinary Kia Rio or Fiat.

Not only that, when the Pope first arrived in the Vatican he paid for his hotel stay out of his own pocket. Just for reference, the Pope usually gets an all expenses paid stay in the finest hotel in the Roman area. Pope Francis was just as happy with an ordinary room at the Vatican owned bare bones hotel.

8. Pope Francis Loves the Outcasts

Pope Francis and the man with boils Like Jesus, outcasts of society keep finding their way to the Pope for no other reason than to be blessed and seen by him. Time after time the Pope has loved and embraced them. Pope Francis understands the need to be loved and accepted no matter what.



7. Pope Francis Sneaks Out At Night To Hang With The Poor

Pope Francis sneaking outIf you’re confused about this one let me help you. The Pope actually puts on street clothes so he is disguised and goes into the streets where the homeless live and he talks to them. He prays for them. He comforts them. He even distributes sleeping bags to them. Not long ago he distributed 400 sleeping bags! However, not all were delivered personally.



6. Pope Francis Actually Helps The Poor

Pope-Francis-Harley-Bonhams-Auction-sale-1I am aware that #7 & #6 might be redundant, however I want to illustrate that the Pope does not just go hang out with the poor people; he actually helps them. Not long ago he raffled off his own prized possessions (including his own Fiat car) so they money can be used to build private restrooms and shelter for the poor. He even auctioned off his own Harley Davidson.



5. Pope Francis Excommunicated the Italian Mafia

mafiaYou heard that right. The Pope told the Mafia that they have no business in the Catholic Church. Wasn’t a long speech. Wasn’t a big show. Just straight up said that it stops here.




4. Pope Francis Actually Did Something About Child Sex Abusers

priestI know dozens of people who have been abused by Catholic priests. I am not saying anything about Catholic Priests other than the fact that the abuse reached far and wide. Most people probably knows someone who was abused. Even more frustrating, previous Catholic Popes and Bishops have sought to sweep these issues under the rug. However, Pope Francis formed and appointed a committee to SEEK OUT child abuse offenders and prosecute them criminally.



3. Pope Francis Treats Kids The Way Jesus Did

Pope franics kid on stageTheir is no way to number the amount of kids and babies that the Pope has hugged, high fived, and prayed over. One of my all time favorites is the time one kid snuck on stage at during a HUGE public meeting in the Vatican and rather than sending him off stage, he let the boy stay on stage and even sit in the Pope chair.



2. Pope Francis Lifts People Up

Maybe my favorite item on this list is when the Pope was able to talk to a 17 year old Chicago girl who was bullied for her rare skin condition. She said that she turned to music and singing for comfort. The the Pope asked her to sing for him. If this video does not get you right in the feels then nothing will.

The Pope has also encouraged church-goers and the public to stop fighting about non-sense conflicts that divide the church such as birth control and abortion, but focus more on loving each other and doing the work of Christ.
He even tells jokes to his followers in public.

1. Pope Francis Doesn’t Give A Hoot About Your Political Views

pope_francis_boss_memePope Francis has upset almost every political preference on the map. Of course much more of the rich conservatives than anyone else. He unashamedly admonishes the current form of capitalism that favors the rich, and the military industrial complex that fuels world wars. He does’t care how much oil you want to burn. He would prefer you try to take care of the planet that God entrusted us with to care for. He doesn’t care about your wealth and he doesn’t care about your status quo. This Pope follows God and the Spirit where ever he needs to and if you have a problem with it then you can take it up with God.

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