Tim Tebow Just Invalidated All Of Your Excuses

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As I was checking the news I ran by an interesting article about Tim Tebow. It turns out that he was dating Miss Universe (Olivia Culpo) and they recently split because he refused to have sex with her. This is the same woman that got Nick Jonas to remove his purity ring shortly after they started dating. Needless to say, temptation can sometimes be difficult. Oh, did I mention that she is Miss Universe?

Why it matters

I feel like people downplay the issue of sexual temptation or they avoid it all-together. But is very real. I love that someone like Tim Tebow, who probably get solicited for sex daily, is able to stand his own ground and be firm in his convictions.

It is such a great example for a young handsome guy to say no to temptation. While lesser men are making excuses for their behavior, Tim Tebow is putting the proof in the pudding. So, let’s stop pretending that it’s too difficult to wait till marriage. If this guy can do it, anyone can. It just takes drive and commitment.

Tables Turned

I want to briefly make a mention here that had it been Tim who dumped Olivia for not having sex with him the media would have lost their minds. “What a jerk!” “PIG!” “Male chauvinist!” “He doesn’t respect her!” The collective media would go nuts on how wrong it is to make relationships all about sex, even though that is what the media pushes day-in and day-out. The hypocrisy is staggering.


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