Fake Doctor of Divinity

Canonical List of Pastors & Teachers With Fake Doctorates


I previously created a short-list of televangelists who had fake degrees and at the time of creation I assumed that the televangelists were some of the few pastors who had fake degrees. Since then I’ve learned that the problem of fake doctorates is not a small phenomenon in the Christian world. In fact, I have been alerted now to probably 100 or more such pastors and teachers. Below will be an on-going, exhaustive, list of pastors and teachers of the Christian faith who have either fake degrees or try to pass off honorary degrees as earned degrees. If you find that someone is missing from the list, please send me their name and information and I will make sure they get added to the list.

Additionally, if I have added someone to the list in error, please let me know so it can be corrected.

  1. Dr. Patti Amsden
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Doctorate from Beacon University, Columbus, Georgia. Not a real university and it no longer exists. Now called Light University.
      1. Light University specializes in junk certificate programs that are unaccredited but transfer to Liberty University ….. Because why not. Liberty has already established that they don’t take academics serious.
      2. Light University also boasts curriculum designed by giants of theology such as Beth Moore. Wait, that must be a typo. No. Sadly it’s not. The classes are taught by televangelists who didn’t even bother to get a fake doctorate from BJU or ORU.
  2. (late) Dr. Richard E. Anderson
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D (FICU)
    4. He also handed out “degrees” from the fake seminary that he founded in 1975.
  3. Dr. David Barton
    1. Barton is an influencer in the GOP, as well as many other televangelists. Sadly, his only real education is from Oral Roberts University, about 40 years before they were accredited and they were just another diploma mill for hire.
    2. Barton is also a degree of some nature from Life Christian University (LCU)
    3. Honorary Doctorate from Ecclesia College and Pensacola Bible Institute
  4. Dr. Billye Brim
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. D.Th Life Christian University (LCU)
  5. Dr. Adonica Howard-Browne
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. LCU
  6. Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne
    1. People who have deceptive degrees tend to have Bio’s that use deceptive descriptions. On Rodney’s web page it says “Rodney taught classes in a leading Bible School for another two years“. Which leading schools? What classes? Why wouldn’t they list any details?
    2. B.A. Unknown
    3. M.A. Unknown
    4. D.Min, The School of Bible Theology in San Jacinto, California (another church school, not a real school)
    5. D.Th from Life Christian University (LCU)
  7. Dr. Dennis Burke
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D, Theology, Life Christian University(LCU)
  8. Dr. Juanita Bynum
    1. B.A./B.S. “earned” double major in Ministry and Business Administration, Institution Unknown
    2. M.A./M.S. “earned” double major in Ministry and Business Administration, Institution Unknown
    3. Ph.D, Theology, Institution Unknown
    4. Ph.D, Theology, Canadian Christian Theological Seminary, Alberta
      1. This school is clearly a diploma mill
      2. They don’t offer classes in theology much less Ph.D level courses.
  9. Dr. Mickey Carter
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Unknown
  10. Dr. Holly Carter
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.B.A. USC Marshall School of Business
      1. This is a real accredited school.
    3. Ph.D. Ministry, from Southern California School of Ministry (SCSM)
      1. It should be noted that SCSM does not grant doctorate degrees and is not accredited.
      2. Not sure why someone with an MBA from USC Marshall would get a bogus doctorate.
  11. Dr. Hakeem Collins
    1. B.S. Sports Management, Marshall University
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Doctorate, Unknown
  12. Dr. Steve Collins (Other Bio)
    1. It hurts me to put someone on this list that has contributed so much to the field of biblical research. Collins has been published by a number of Biblical and Archaeological journals. As an independent researcher he was relatively respected. He has also done quite a bit of field work in the world of archaeology. Why he chose to give himself two fake Ph.D.s, I will never know. Maybe he doesn’t know that it makes him look slimy, not educated.
    2. B.S. Anthropology, New Mexico University
    3. M.Div. Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
    4. D.Min. Luther Rice Seminary (Keep in mind that a D.Min. is not the same as a Ph.D., which is how Collins was able to complete it in just 2 years.)
    5. Ph.D. Biblical History & Religion, Trinity Theological Seminary
      1. This is where the list gets weird. Collins has real earned degrees already from good accredited schools. He even holds a real D.Min from a respected school. I have no idea why he took a left turn and ended up doing a junk Ph.D. from
      2. He also did not title this school properly. It is called Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary.
    6. Ph.D. Archaeology and biblical History, Trinity Southwest University
      1. This is not only an unaccredited school but it’s a school he started. He basically handed himself a Ph.D. Who taught the classes I wonder? I assume its an honorary degree. He also teaches at another junk school, Veritas International, which was started by Dr. Norman L. Geisler and Dr. Joseph M. Holden. To be fair though, the school looks like it want’s to turn into a real school one day. At least it’s trying. They have TRACS accreditation at this point.
  13. Dr. Gloria Copeland
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. D.Min, Life Christian University (LCU)
  14. Dr. Kenneth Copeland
    1. B.A. Uknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Theology, from Life Christian University (LCU)
    4. Honorary Doctorate, Oral Roberts University (ORU)
    5. Honorary Doctorate, Grand Canyon University (GCU)
  15. Dr. Creflo Dollar
    1. B.A. Education, Unknown school
    2. M.A. Counseling, Unknown school
    3. Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree, Oral Roberts University
  16. Dr. Jesse Duplantis
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Honorary Doctorate from Oral Roberts University (ORU)
  17. Dr. Tim Early
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Unknown degree from Rhema University
  18. Dr. Theresa Early
    1. Rhema University listed, degrees unknown
    2. B.A. Unknown
    3. M.A. Unknown
    4. Ph.D Unknown
  19. Dr. Lios Evans
    1. B.A. Business Administration, Dallas Baptist University
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Honorary Doctorate, Eastern College
  20. Dr. Mike Francen
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)
    4. Doctorate of Missiology, (LCU)
  21. Dr. DeeDee Freeman
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Human Services, Liberty University (LU)
    3. Doctorate Unknown but I assume it’s from her husband’s fake school, Spirit of Faith Bible Institute (SOFBI)
  22. Dr. Michael Freeman
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D (FICU)
  23. Dr. Sam Gipp
    1. Bachelor of Divinity, Pensacola Bible Institute (PBI)
    2. Master of Theology, Clarksville School of Theology, Clarksville, TN
      1. Clarksville was shut down by the state in 1992 because it was a diploma mill (Source)
    3. Doctor of Theology, Clarksville School of Thology, Clarksville, TN
    4. Ph.D, Pensacola Bible Institute (PBI)
  24. Dr. Pastor Grady Gregory
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Unknown
  25. Dr. John Hagee
    1. B.S. Education and History, Trinity University. (Real school, with accreditation)
    2. M.A. Education Administration, University of North Texas. (Real school, with accreditation)
    3. Unknown Diploma of theology from Assemblies of God University
      1. Then called Southern Bible Institute (operating in conjunction with the Richey Evangelistic Temple).
    4. Honorary Doctorate, Oral Roberts University (ORU)
    5. Honorary Doctorate, Netanya Academic College
    6. Honorary Doctorate, Canada Christian College
  26. Dr. Chris Haizlip
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Unknown
    4. As far as I can tell, Dr. Christ and a few other men call themselves Dr. because they teach at a make-believe schools called Fundamental Baptist Bible College, which is based out of the basement of their church. I am not sure they understand how titles work. You don’t get to call yourself doctor because you teach a class.
  27. Dr. Sammy Halloway
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. No degree listed (FICU)
  28. Dr. Bob Harrison
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)
  29. Dr. Ira V. Hilliard
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Doctorate, Unknown, Friends International Christian University (FICU)
    4. The sister of Ira Hilliard, Bridget Hilliard. She also has a fake degree from FICU but does not call herself doctor. Her materials always refer to her as Pastor, which is perfectly acceptable.
  30. Dr. Benny Hinn
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Theology, from Life Christian University (LCU).
  31. Dr. Al Hollingsworth
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. No degree listed (FICU)
  32. Dr. Hattie Hollingsworth
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. No degree listed (FICU)
  33. Dr. Kent Hovind
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D,  Patriot Bible University (PBU)
    4. Kent was a high school science teacher so he has some degree that is real. However, PBU is a single building diploma mill in Colorado.
    5. His dissertation from the school has been available online for a number of years. It has no scholarly research in it, no real sources, poor grammar, and refers to itself as a book in a number of places. It can be accessed at the following link : Kent Hovind’s Terrible Dissertation.
  34. Dr. Jack Van Impe
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D, Pacific International University in an unknown field. (PIU)
      1. According to a few sources, Jack received an B.A. from Detroit Bible Institute, which then turned in to William Tyndale College, and more recently is no longer an active school. They closed their doors in 2005. (Source)
  35. Dr. T. D. Jakes
    1. B.A. Biblical Studies, Friends International Christian University (FICU)
    2. M.A. Biblical Studies, Friends International Christian University (FICU)
    3. D.Min. from Friends International Christian University(FICU).
      1. FICU is not only unaccredited but somehow Jakes did 12 years worth of higher education in less then 5 years there.
      2. Since the publication of my first article detailing the Jake’s fake degrees, his website has changed the degree dates to make it look more realistic.
  36. Dr. David Jeremiah
    1. B.A. Unknown, Cedarville University
    2. M.A. Unknown (probably M.Div) Dallas Theological Seminary
    3. Honorary Doctorate, Cedarville University
  37. Dr. Bernard E. Jordan
    1. Bernard is the father of the now popular scam-artist, Manasseh Jordan. He’s the guy that has been calling people claiming to be “St. Mary’s Prayer Center Ministry”. He robo-calls millions of people trying to scam people into donating. He’s been fined by the FCC a dozen times or so now.
    2. His son, Manasseh is so bad that now even Bernard’s website has a disclaimer stating that it’s not affiliated for Manasseh’s ministry. But Bernard is just another faker. He calls himself “Master Prophet Archbishop Jordan”. Yea, like that’s a real thing.
    3. He is basically a prophet for hire. He also holds amazing fancy dinners to celebrate his fake awards. Some costing hundreds of dollars. Here is one such advertisement for when he “ascended” to archbishop. Last I recall, most archbishops don’t put out a press release for a paid luncheon in their honor.
    4. Unknown educations from Tabernacle Bible Institute and Manhattan Bible Institute
      1. Neither schools are real and neither still exist today. But they do at least have a facebook page that was created and never used.
    5. B.A. Unknown, from Astrology from Kepler College
    6. M.Div. Virginia Union University (VUU) (class of 2019 and is a real school)
      1. I am honestly bewildered how he was accepted to this school. It’s not a great school but it’s still an actual ATS school with a few professors with excellent resumes.
    7. Ph.D. Friends International Christian University (FICU)
      1. Obviously he did not obtain a real Ph.D before completing an accredited M.Div.
  38. Dr. Henry R. Jones
    1. B.A. Biblical Studies, Moody Bible Institute (MBI)
    2. M.Div, Logos Graduate School
      1. Online diploma mill
    3. Ph.D, Unknown, Central Christian University
      1. Not a degree or Ph.D granting institution
  39. Dr. Rick Joyner
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D (North Carolina College of Theology)
  40. Dr. Ron Kenoly 
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. D.Min (FICU)
  41. Dr. Gene Kim
    1. B.S. Sociology, UC Berkley, 2007?
    2. M.A. Unknown (probably none)
    3. His youtube description says “Dr. Gene Kim has earned his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees from the Pensacola Bible Institute and the University of California at Berkeley”
      1. He deceptively describes his education to sound really educated, hoping that people will believe he has a Ph.D from Berkley, however, he never lists what his degree was at each school.
    4. Ph.D Unknown, Pensacola Bible Institute (PBI)
      1. PBI is a diploma mill that is based out of a Peter Ruckmanite church.
  42. Dr. Terry Law
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. (LCU)
  43. Dr. Tony V Lewis
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Lewis’ degrees are listed in his various bios but nowhere is a single institution listed.
    4. Lewis has founded a number of online diploma mills and his own accrediting agency (Linkedin)
      1. Accrediting Comission for Biblical Higher Education
      2. Christian Bible Institute & Seminary
      3. Hope Christian Academy
      4. Trinity Theological Seminary
      5. Global Christian Schools Network
  44. Dr. Carla D Lewis
    1. B.A. Unknown, but Facebook lists “Studied” at Lone Star College
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Doctorate Unknown, but probably from the fake school she is the Vice President of.
  45. Dr. Jeremy Lopez
    1. Lopez runs a host of online ministry efforts and also sells books, sermons, prophetic services, and runs conferences. He appears to be part of two different networks, both founded by himself: Identity Network and Now is your Moment.
    2. B.A. Unknown
    3. M.A. Unknown
    4. Ph.D Unknown
  46. Dr. John MacArthur
    1. B.A. Unknown, Los Angeles Pacific College
    2. M.Div Biola
    3. Honorary Doctorate, Grace Graduate School
    4. Honorary Doctorate, Talbot Theological Seminary.
    5. His honorary degrees are not an issue except that he calls himself Dr. John MacArthur, as if he earned the degrees but he did not.
  47. Dr. Bishop Clarence E. McClendon
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. No degree listed (FICU)
  48. Dr. Joyce Meyer
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Theology, from Life Christian University, (LCU)
    4. Honorary doctorate in divinity from Oral Roberts University.
    5. Honorary doctorate in sacred theology from Grand Canyon University.
  49. Dr. Grady McMurtry
    1. B S, University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture – 1968
    2. MS, State University of New York, College of Environmental Science
    3. DD, School of Theology, Columbus, Georgia
    4. D Litt, Mid-Continent University, Kentucky
  50. Dr. Kevin McNulty
    1. B.S. Michigan State University
    2. M.A. in Missiology Life Christian University (LCU)
    3. Doctorate in Missiology Life Christian University (LCU)
  51. Dr. Leslie McNulty
    1. B.S. in Finance, Stetson University
    2. B.A. Church Administration, Life Christian University (LCU)
    3. M.A. in Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)
    4. Doctorate of unknown field, from LCU.
  52. Dr. Dick Mills
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)
  53. Dr. Keith Moore
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Doctorate in Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)
  54. Dr. Stanely Moore
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)
  55. Dr. Mike Murdock
    1. Three semesters at Southwestern Assemblies of God University (accredited).
    2. B.A. Unfinished
    3. M.A. Unknown (assumed also non-existent)
    4. Honorary Doctorate degree from International Seminary
  56. Dr. James LaVirt Netters, Sr.
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Pastor Emeritus of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church (ORU)
  57. Dr. Larry Ollison
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)
    3. Ph.D Theology, (LCU)
  58. Dr. Loretta Ollison
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)
  59. Dr. Bob Ossewaarde
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Education, “From a major Christian college” according to his bio. Not sure why he didn’t just list which one.
    3. D.Min also “From a major Christian college” (I assume it’s a diploma mill, just like the school he teaches at)
  60. Dr. Denis Otero
    1. Diploma, Biblical Studies, Hal Lindsay’s Light and Powerhouse Training Center, Southern California
      1. This defunct institution is not a real school or a real degree granting establishment
    2. B.A. Theology from the University of Albuquerque, New Mexico
      1. No reference is made as to what the degree was in but the U of A has been closed for a very long time. (Source)
      2. It was a Catholic university that closed in 1986 and somehow this training provided Denis with the background to become a “priest” which he also claims to be.
      3. Though, it seems strange since his facebook claims that he was ordained a Catholic Priest by the Episcopal church.
    3. M.Div, Trinity Theological Seminary (TTS), Newburg, Indiana
      1. TTS is actually better known as “Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary” and they are a distance learning school.
      2. TTS is NOT a school based out of Liverpool England. That is a confusing note from Denis’ bio. TTS is a diploma mill based out of Newburg, Indiana and once had some distance learning classes in Liverpool. (Source)
      3. TTS applied for multiple accreditation and they were all denied. They still remain unaccredited by any recognized institution.
    4. Ph.D candidate, Religious Studies, Trinity Southwest University (TSU) (Source)
      1. TSU us is another non-accredited school yet is tries to sound accredited. They are accredited only as a provider of continuing educational units (CEU). They are NOT accredited for actual degrees.
      2. They list later on that “TSU has chosen to remain non-aligned with respect to accreditation.”(Source)
    5. D.Min, Southwest University, Albuquerque, New Mexico
      1. Interestingly, TSU and SW are the same school. The website lists them deceptively. The only schools in Albuquerque are TSU and a visual arts school. So it’s gotta be TSU.
  61. Jorge Parrott
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D (North Carolina College of Theology)
  62. Dr. Rod Parsley
    1. B.A. Ministry, Circleville Bible College
      1. Now called Ohio Christian University, which is an actual school.
    2. Honorary Doctorate, Indiana Christian University
    3. Honorary Doctorate, Liberty University
  63. Dr. Charles E. Perry, Jr.
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D (Union Bible Theological Seminary)
      1. UBTS is a diploma mill in a strip mall.
  64. Dr. Courtney Pope
    1. Certificate from Back To The Bible Correspondence School
    2. B.A. Communications, Temple University
    3. M.A. Unknown
    4. Doctorate, International Christian University
      1. His bio lists a real doctorate but the school listed is in Japan and they do not grant doctorates of divinity. ICU is also a respected school who would not accept a doctoral candidate without an actual master’s degree, of which Pope does not have.
      2. It’s more likely that the school in question is International Christian College & Seminary, which is a diploma mill and does grant doctorates of divinity.
  65. Dr. Frederick K.C. Price
    1. B.A. Unknown Friends International Christian University (FICU)
    2. M.Div, Unknown, (FICU)
    3. Ph.D, Unknown, (FICU)
  66. Dr. Betty Price
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree (No school named)
  67. Dr. Orrin Pullings
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Doctorate Unknown, Friends International Christian University (FICU)
  68. Dr. Medina Pullings (Facebook About Page)
    1. B.A. Christian Education, John Jay College
    2. M.A. Biblical Counseling, Bethel Bible Institute
    3. D.D. & D.Min, Friends International Christian University (FICU)
  69. Dr. Kenny Russell
    1. “Studied” at Tabernacle Bible College and Seminary
    2. B.A. Unknown
    3. M.A. Unknown
    4. Ph.D Unknown
  70. Dr. Larry Reid
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Christian Counseling, Apex College of Theology
      1. Apex is a church basement school that outgrew it’s basement. It’s by no means a notable Bible college but it does appear to be trying. It is a very young school and I suspect that it will eventually seek accreditation and real professional professors. However, at this time the school is still very much just a few partially educated people trying to educate someone even less educated.
      2. Apex is accredited by TRACS which has a very shady background. Their sole reason to exist is to get college federal grant money for schools teaching the creation model. The schools listed as accredited by TRACS are often church basement types or
    3. Ph.D Zion School of Ministry
      1. Zion is now known as Summit International School of Ministry
      2. Zion (like Apex) looks like a church basement college that has outgrown the church basement. It does not appear to be a diploma mill, just a young school that has yet to develop a professional staff or proper accreditation. As such, their classes only include basics, like Church History, Systematic Theology, OT Survey, NT Survey, Preaching, etc. These are classes that the common person can learn on their own, in the comfort of their own couch. They offer no high level courses, no Greek, no Hebrew, no ANE studies, no exegesis classes, and certainly no dissertation prep which would be required for “Dr.” Reid to get a Ph.D.
    4. Also currently taking classes at Hosanna Bible College
      1. Hosanna is accredited by a trifecta of bad accreditation agencies. They are accredited by TRACS, ACE, CHEA, and it appears also by INQAAHE. INQAAHE, however, is not part of the trifecta. They aspire to be better than the others.
      2. Like Reid’s other educational choices, Hosanna is another school that is hoping to be a real school one day. It seems clear that their staff is cut from the same cloth and are a collection of teachers with equally dubious degrees.
      3. The student handbook and the classes offered are quite refreshing. They even offer “elements” of biblical Greek and Hebrew classes. These classes usually require the student to learn the alphabets and get used to using a lexicon and Strongs Concordance. It’s not quite the same as actually learning the language but it’s a start.
      4. I suspect that 20 years from now Hosanna will be a real school seeking accreditation from ATS. This is the first school attended by Reid that can actually be called a college.
      5. Currently the school looks to be meeting in a church annex building.
  71. Dr. Gail Riplinger
    1. B.A. Interior Design
    2. M.A. Home Economics
    3. M.F.A.
    4. Honorary Doctorate from Hyles-Anderson College, actually just a First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana. The “school” obviously is not accredited nor does it have a doctoral program.
      1. In her book, In Awe of Thy Word, Gails credentials are described thusly: “honored with a doctorate from the world’s largest church of it’s kind”
      2. Sometimes the truth is so stretched that silence is the better option.
  72. Dr. Peter Ruckman
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D, Bob Jones University
      1. It should be noted that at the time he attended BJU, it was still just a diploma mill. Since about 2007 BJU has made a HUGE move towards being a real educational institute, including removing many prominent televangelists from the board of directors. They received regional accreditation in 2014 (finally).
    4. His degrees are dubious, at best, and his founding of Pensacola Bible Institute is the best indication of his lack of real education.
  73. Dr. John Scheel
    1. B.A. Unknown, Central Baptist College (No field listed, but CBC is a real college)
    2. Master of Divinity from Luther Rice Seminary (A legit seminary and well respected)
    3. Ph.D., Toledo Bible College and Seminary (No field listed, the school was a fraud. Now goes by the name of Trinity College of Bible and Theological Seminary)
    4. Doctor of Religious Education from Moody Theological Seminary (Moody does not offer any Doctoral programs)
    5. Doctor of Human Letters from Washington Saturday College (This is an honorary degree and isn’t a real college)
    6. [WIP] Doctor of Philosophy at Oxford Graduate School (Fraud “house” college in Tennessee. It’s not Oxford, UK.)
  74. Dr. Michael Stoddard
    1. B.S. Theology, Bible Baptist College, 1983
      1. The only school by this name I cold find was in Missouri but it’s hard to tell if it’s the same school.
    2. B.A. Biblical Studies, Southwest Institute
      1. I think this school might actually be called “Southwest School of Bible Studies” and it’s not a school. It’s a church in Austin, Texas.
    3. M.A. “Arts”, Louisiana Baptist University (LBU), 1994
      1. I assume a masters degree in “arts” was a typo.
      2. LBU is a conservative diploma mill filled with teachers who obtained their degrees from other fake schools or from LBU. A few faculty members seemed to have slices of real education here and there.
    4. Honorary Doctorate from Texas Baptist College, 1995
      1. As far as I can tell this school doesn’t exist and it’s website has been hacked and replaced with a tire company’s portal. texasbaptistcollege.org)
  75. Dr. Phil Stringer
    1. B.S.  Bible, Indiana Baptist College, 1975
      1. (not a real school)
    2. M.A. Christian Education, Freedom University (FU/FBCS),1980
      1. Also not a real school and looks like
    3. Ph.D English Bible, Landmark Baptist College (LBC), 1997
      1. Also not a real school and no biblical scholar gets a degree in the “English Bible”. Most reputable seminaries wont let you escape without at least a year of Greek and Hebrew language and exegesis training. A Ph.D in English Bible is a joke.
    4. Ph.D Religious Education, American Bible College (ABC), 2004
      1. Again, not a real college, although I like that they bought an old hotel to use as classrooms. It’s actually a cool idea.
      2. Course materials are literally just badly written commentaries on sections of the Bible, much like Sunday School. (Sample)
  76. Dr. Hope Taylor
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Doctorate Unknown
  77. Dr. Lance Wallnau
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Source)
    3. Research Doctorate, Leadership in Organizational and Cultural Transformation, Phoenix University of Theology
      1. PUT is not a real theology school 
  78. Dr. Margaret Wanjiru
    1. Unknown degree Valor Christian College
      1. Valor is a diploma mill ran by Rod Parsley.
    2. Vineyard Harvester Bible College on July 13, 2003.
    3. B.A. Christian Leadership, United Graduate College and Seminary International, (UGCSI) October 26, 2010
      1. UGCSI is a fake school also.
  79. Dr. Barbara Wentroble
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Doctorate Unknown
  80. Dr. Stephen Whiley
    1. B.A. Broadcast Journalism (University of Oklahoma)
    2. M.A., Ph.D (FICU, Linkedin)
  81. Dr. Randy White
    1. B.A. Unknown
      1. Some credits were done at Lee University but no degree earned
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D, Life Christian University (LCU)
  82. Dr. Paula White
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Ph.D, Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)
  83. Andrew Wommack
    1. B.A. Unknown
    2. M.A. Unknown
    3. Doctorate in Theology, Life Christian University (LCU)

Names soon to come. Need some time to research these guys and some others already on the list.

Dr. Terry Donohue
Dr. James Verceles
Dr. Phil Pitts
Dr. Arthur Houk, Pastor, Arden Faith Baptist Church, Colville, WA
Dr. Billy Kyger, Smoky Hill Baptist Church, Ellsworth, KS
Dr. Bob Gray, Evangelist, Solve Church Problems Ministry
Dr. Bruce Engelman, Baptist Temple, Fort Worth, TX
Dr. Clarence Sexton, Temple Baptist Church, Powell, TN
Dr. Chuck Peters, Pastor, Smith Grove Baptist Church, Colfax, NC
Dr. Daniel Haifley, Maranatha Baptist Church, Mattone, IL
Dr. David Perdue, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Milford, DE
Dr. David N. Smeltz, Amazing Grace Missionaries
Dr. Earl R. Shawley, Pastor, Messiah Baptist Church, Kylertown, PA
Dr. Farrell Shepherd, Pastor, Island Ford Baptist Church, Madisonville, KY
Dr. George Alquist, Jr., Grace of Calvary Baptist Church, Erie, PA
Dr. Jack K. Mayes, Crossroads Baptist Church, Huntington, WV
Dr. Joel M. Ward, Pastor, Calvary Baptist Church, Butler, PA
Dr. Larry Pierce, Missionary, AFBM, Grace & Truth Baptist Church, Moss Point, MI
Dr. Leon Foote, Evangelist, Canaan Baptist Church, Covington, GA
Dr. Ray Love, Tri-State Baptist Church, Charlestown, WV
Dr. Rodger Howard, Binghamtown Baptist Church, Middlesboro, KY
Dr. Roger Milot, Pastor, Harvest Baptist Church, Hudson, FL
Dr. Steve Harness, Pastor, Wilton Baptist Church, Wilton, NY
Dr. Ted Camp, Silent Word Ministries, Trenton, GA
Dr. Terry L. Dietz, Pastor, Temple Baptist Church, Kannapolis, NC
Dr. Thomas Clement, Liberty Baptist Church, Stafford, VA
Dr. Tom Wallace, Pastor Emeritus, Franklin Road Baptist Church, Murfreesboro, TN
Dr. Tommy C. Turner, Pastor, Bible Baptist Church, Landrum, SC
Dr. Walter Smith, Heritage Baptist Church, Ocala, FL
Dr. William McSpadden, Immanuel Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL
Dr. William Rosinsky, Mission Baptist Church, Thailand
Dr. Elwood Seamster
Dr. Ronnie Simpson
Dr. David Johnston
Dr. Tommy Turner
Dr. Tommy Wensil
Dr. James Keever
Dr. James A Lince
Dr. Randy C. Barton
Dr. Darrin Waldroup
Dr. Lewis O. Bartlett


If I have missed any one, feel free to add them in the comments and we can keep the list current and growing.



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